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heres there P4P, as much as floyd anoys me i dont think nard should be rated higher than him, pacman should be up there to, calzaghe at 11......LMAO

1 Bernard Hopkins light heavyweight
2 Floyd Mayweather Jr light middleweight
3 Israel Vazquez super bantamweight
4 Ricky Hatton light welterweight
5 Jermain Taylor middleweight
6 Cristian Mijares super flyweight
7 Shane Mosley welterweight
8 Miguel Angel Cotto welterweight
9 Manny Pacquiao super featherweight
10 Juan Manuel Marquez super featherweight
11 Joe Calzaghe super middleweight
12 Alexander Munoz super flyweight
13 Mikkel Kessler super middleweight
14 Chris John featherweight
15 Wladimir Klitschko heavyweight
16 Rafael Marquez super bantamweight
17 Cory Spinks middleweight
18 Juan Diaz lightweight
19 Celestino Caballero super bantamweight
20 Takefumi Sakata flyweight
21 Paul Williams welterweight
22 Eagle Den Janlaphan minimumweight
23 Junior Witter light welterweight
24 Glen Johnson light heavyweight
25 Oscar De La Hoya light middleweight
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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