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*Breaking News* New Ring Rankings

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1- Oscar De La Hoya
2- Bernard Hopkins
3- Juan Manuel Marquez
4- Marco Antonio Barrera
5- Shane Mosley
6- Manny Pacquiao
7- Winky Wright
8- Joel Casamayor
9- Ponce De Leon
10- Floyd Mayweather Jr

Worst Robberies Of All-time

1- Felix Trinidad-oscar De La Hoya
2- Shane Mosley-oscar De La Hoya 2
3- Floyd Mayweather-oscar De La Hoya
4- Jermaine Taylor-bernard Hopkins 1
5- Jermaine Taylor-bernard Hopkins 2
6- Erik Morales-marco Antonio Barrera 1
7- Junior Jones-marco Antonio Barrera 2
8- Shane Mosley-oscar De La Hoya 1
9- Jermaine Taylor-winky Wright
10- Vernon Forrest-shane Mosley 2
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Only joking guys.............
hhhmmm well I do agree with the top three but I have to be honest,I may have put Floyd a spot or two higher. lol
lol i sure hope you joking too :laugh:
lol i saw this one coming from a mile off:laugh:
lol didnt though :thumbsup:
I knew this was BS before I opened it.
lol it was just for jokes shane. laugh with us all man.
aight man aight.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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