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Bullies made Calzaghe's life hell

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Very interesting read. Good to see he's now trying to help other victims.

IT'S HARD to believe it now - but bullies turned Joe Calzaghe's schooldays into a living hell.

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Good article. Two things...I was LMAO when Calzaghe said he sometimes at sh*t. I know what he meant but come on. Second, I liked that he said after he retired he planned on being ringside possibly commentating. In my eyes that shows that he really does love the sport.
im reading joe's autobio at the moment, its a great book and id sujest any boxing fan to read it, the title is "no ordinary joe".
I would read it if it was free. I still might buy it if he beats Kessler. :)
Imagine if those bullies met Joe now:laugh: They'd be in for a good 'slapping'
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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