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hey new member...did anyone else see Byrd get his ass whooped?... saturday night?...
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it went seven rounds. it was tough to watch , byrd got whooped. did you see the gatti vs mayweather fight?...well it was kind of like that. klitchko is so much bigger than byrd. he was just coming down on him. byrd tried to get inside but he just couldn't. after the fight byrd said that he trained hard but he wasn't really prepared for the fight he had. he said he was never really in the fight. klitchko is like 6'6 a slimmed down 245. byrd is like 6'2 a bulked up 225 if he even weighs 225. byrd was definitely looking for a bit of a payday. and byrd's wife is a nut you can hear her throughout the whole fight yelling from ringside. she was yelling shit like get inside. come on i guess we know who wears the pants..haha.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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