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Calling Out PrettyBoyFloyd

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Hey PrettyBoyFloyd!

Not Mayweather the boxer, PrettyBoyFloyd, the guy who posts here at this website!


You're pretty clever when it comes to boxing so I want it straight up and from the horses mouth.
I wanna hear it from you, sir.

How and in what manner will Mayweather beat Hatton?

You tipped well in advance that Bika would win The Contender 3.
(I was gonna PM you, PrettyBoyFloyd, and tell you to change your tip about Bika. Glad I didn't now.)

I didn't think he could win it.

Can somebody tell me how the Brit, Paul Smith, went out on the contender 3, please?

As I was saying......what method will Mayweather Junior win this up coming fight?

My mind is saying KO (if Hatton tries to bulldog him for 12 rounds)
Look at Hatton's fight against Tszyu....he bulldogged him for the entire 11 rounds and was in his face all night.
Constant pressure like that in Mayweather's face will result in a body blow knockout to the gut, I think.

But my heart is going for the safe money that a 12 round decision to Mayweather will prevail.

What do you think, PrettyBoyFloyd?

Mayweather is only paying $1:45 for a straight-up win here in Australia. $2:20 for 12 round decision and 3-1 about a KO.

Ricky Hatton doesn't have a KO punch, does he?

Can Hatton sustain 12 rounds of Mayweather? I don't think I see either a stoppage or Hatton doesn't answer for the start of the bell after 10.
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I'll tell you exactly how its going to happen because my record on this site speaks for itself.

Floyd Mayweather will cruise to an easy unanimous decision. I'm guessing about 8 rounds to 4. His defense and counterpunching alone could win the fight against Ricky, but his handspeed and accuracy will be what does it. Like you said, Ricky likes to try and pressure. When he does he throws alot of body shots, dropping his hands. I think Floyd will catch him consistently with the straight right.

Floyd Mayweather 116-112

(Oh, and I also caled the Bika win, for the record)
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