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Calzaghe - Kessler clash on 9/22

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Team Palle have announced plans for a show on June 15 in Denmark. No details given. As for a possible showdown for WBA and WBC super middleweight king Mikkel Kessler against WBO counterpart Joe Calzaghe, Team Palle writes in a press release that there is still hope, especially since Jermain Taylor appear to have dropped plans to move up to 168. Calzaghe vs. Kessler could go ahead September 22 in Manchester.

If this does happen, taylor will almost be forced to fight pavlik.
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Dammit Lance! You made me think this was official grrrr. I hope like hell that this happens. Taylor will have to fight Pavlik if this happens. I wish they could bring Kessler vs. Calzaghe to Vegas and have Taylor vs. Pavlik on the same card. I know I know Taylor vs. Pavlik will be a main event and so will Calzaghe vs. Kessler but still.

The two winners should fight.
i say they both fight on the same day, and hbo do a split location thingy, so they can both be main events whereever they are but kessler/calzaghe would most likely be the main event if this did happen, because of two champions competeing against the other, hey i no its not official, but its as close as we've got so far.
We could have a boxing Final Four type of thing!
those 2 boxing matches on regular hbo woudl set up a major PPV COLLIDE of the 2 winners.
I hope this happens, it will be a real good fight! I still think Calzaghe will win a comfortable UD though.
i like calzaghe more than kessler, but ill go with kessler. Possibly.....actually i dunno. its a toss up to me.
calzaghe owns the robot, you can take that to the bank guys. :thumbsup:
kessler is far from a robot.
tysonjones said:
kessler is far from a robot.
wow, that european amature style of his is so robotic.

he's a stiff!!!
He is very stiff. I see Calzaghe just teeing off on him.
calzaghes a very smart fighter and it doesn't take a genious to work out those straight punches, kessler just doesn't vairy his game enough, the klitschkos are the same. its a horible style.
Grrrrrrrr you said Klitschko.
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
Grrrrrrrr you said Klitschko.
they all fight the same. lol

the style is horible and predictable. you know what every second shot will be. :thumbsdown:
true, but you know exactly what you are goign to get from calzaghe, soft punches in bunches. If you can will yourself into taking a few to land a few, kessler is by far the harder hitting guy and is way more accurate than lacy. Ill take bets on kessler, if the fight takes place.
Lance I'm all over that bet! I'll bet all your points if you want.
LeedsLad said:
I hope this happens, it will be a real good fight! I still think Calzaghe will win a comfortable UD though.

comfortable UD, no chance.
will be a good fight but kessler will dominate calzaghe
i dont know what you guys are talking about?

calzaghes a massive puncher, he's flatened more guys than kesslers had fights nearly.

eubank = one of the best chins ever. joe flatened him.

veit = never been stopped, calzaghe flatened him.

mitchell = world champion, calzaghe fltened him.

theres a lot more to, i have a dvd with a lot of calzaghes ko's on it i'll post it later in the week.
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