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Calzaghe-Kessler Time Change

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Calzaghe-Kessler time change!

Thursday, September 20 2007

By Karl Freitag

HBO has abandoned plans for Saturday afternoon live telecast in the U.S. of the November 3 Joe Calzaghe-Mikkel Kessler superfight. Instead the bout has been pushed back four hours to run head-to-head with the Juan Manuel Marquez-Rocky Juarez telecast on a rival network. As a result, the super middleweight unification which was originally scheduled for a 10PM start in Wales, has been pushed back to 1AM local time. There is only a four hour time difference between UK and US Eastern time on that date because Daylight Savings time ends October 28 in the UK, but not until November 4 in the US.

What BS from HBO. That is total crap, and I am writing them to express my anger.
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The card should start around 8. It is pathetic that HBO has so much control to the point where they are dictating what time another country's fight card will start. What a di*khead move to blast showtime. This makes me want to watch the showtime card first, because Lampley will definitely say the results of the showtime card so you don't change the channel. I may just set up two TVs.
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