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I am currently chatting at another site with former Light Heavyweight contender John Scully.John Scully
He has sparred with Roy Jones and used to train Chad Dawson. He now trains Matt Godfrey. I thought you guys would enjoy reading this transcript. I'll post it in 5 minutes.

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[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:40 pm: [ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:35 pm: To be totally honest, it
appears that Molitor does not want to fight ike Oliver AT
ALL.... like Mik eis beneath he is delahoya or
something now
[Elwill7847] 7:40 pm: there u go Ice
[Erikk] 7:40 pm: I was tryin to ask my question and it wouldnt work
[Dave Murphy] 7:40 pm: Feel the Magic? Ice can just snap his fingers and the World goes dark here
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:41 pm: so watch yourselves
[Dave Murphy] 7:41 pm: lol
[dean wipfli] 7:41 pm: same here
[Erikk] 7:41 pm: Iceman I was asking you who hit you the hardest as a pro?
[tmana] 7:41 pm: lol
[bojado71] 7:41 pm: Erik up next, then Dean
[Boxing Talk]: PLOWBOY has entered at 7:41 pm
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:41 pm: OK.... to tell u the truth....the only time i really remember getting hit
HARD as a pro was by an opponent named charlies johnson....
[PLOWBOY] 7:41 pm:
[sirhcman] 7:41 pm: Iceman, you are right. Molitor doesnt want any of Oliver, what a sissy Canadian
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:42 pm: but the hardest puncher, punch for punch that i sparred was lamar parks
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:42 pm: I beat Lamar twice as an amateur...and as pros we sparred..he had
[Erikk] 7:42 pm: Charlis Johnson? did he have a good career?
[bojado71] 7:42 pm: It is tragic what happneed to Parks
[Erikk] 7:42 pm: I never heard of him lol
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:42 pm: no, he was just an opponent
[Erikk] 7:43 pm: Ok
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 7:43 pm:
[dean wipfli] 7:43 pm: how many fighters are you training
[bojado71] 7:43 pm: Dean up, then John, Dave
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:43 pm: I still speak to Lamar on the phone.... hes actually training fighters
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:43 pm: I train amateurs plus Mike Oliver, Matt Godfrey
[bojado71] 7:43 pm: did he get HIV? I hope I am wrong about that.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:43 pm: yes, he has HIV
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:44 pm: came up with it right before he was to fight mcclellan
[Dave Murphy] 7:44 pm: I just watched his fight with Reggie Johnson a couple weeks go
[bojado71] 7:44 pm: he is doing well?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:44 pm: yes
[Dave Murphy] 7:44 pm: Lost a close dec on USA Network in that one.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:44 pm: its been 15 years!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:45 pm: yes, and reggie said afterwards that lamars body punches were HEAVY
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:45 pm: he was right
[bojado71] 7:45 pm: John up, then Dave
[Elwill7847] 7:45 pm: Who dom u consider your toughest opponent? And how good would Lamar have been if he had
continued his career?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:45 pm: Lamar was DEFINITELY a serious threat to be a world champion....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:46 pm: and i consider art baylis, tony thornton, maske, roccigianni to all be
tough guys
[PLOWBOY] 7:46 pm: Nunn>?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:46 pm: of course
[bojado71] 7:47 pm: Dave up next, then Ken, Erik
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:47 pm: but TOUGH wasnt his MAIN thing that stood out
[Dave Murphy] 7:47 pm: Ice, Harold Ledderman gave you NO ROUNDS in that Nunn fight,whereas a lot of us had it
close. What was his Problem????
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:48 pm: U know what? I have NO idea... only to GUESS that sometimes peopl
may get an idea in their beforehand of what they ASSUME will happen.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:48 pm: AND u wanna know the craziest thing????
[Ken] 7:49 pm: What was the most satisfying fight in your career as a boxer, then as a trainer?
[PLOWBOY] 7:49 pm: charlie johnson is bob saxton on boxrec
[Dave Murphy] 7:49 pm: In other words,he mailed in his scorecard,the A##hole
[bojado71] 7:49 pm: Ken up, then Erik, Gary, Dean
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:49 pm: Harold emailed me about 2 years ago after reading an excerpt from my
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:49 pm: and said he wants to be ther FIRST person to buy my book
[Boxing Talk]: grebfan9 has entered at 7:49 pm
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:49 pm: now I see him at fights and he LOVES ME LOLOL
[Dave Murphy] 7:50 pm: lol
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:50 pm: introduced me to his wife, etc. nice guy really
[Dave Murphy] 7:50 pm: LOL....nice guy,but still wrong that night
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:50 pm: yup
[bojado71] 7:50 pm: Harold has a huge
head...literally, not figuratively
[bojado71] 7:51 pm: Dean up next
[dean wipfli] 7:51 pm: do you talk to russ anber once and awhile john.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:52 pm: I talk to Russ all the time... he came down for my wedding in July
[Boxing Talk]: Ken has left at 7:52 pm
[bojado71] 7:52 pm: John, if a jab really as important as people say? or is that a cliche?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:52 pm: Russ and I FIRST met twenty years ago last month
[bojado71] 7:52 pm: is a jab
[dean wipfli] 7:52 pm: right on i try and get my questions on his show
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:53 pm: Bojado.... the jab is THE punch...definitely.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:53 pm: if I can teach any of my guys anything i is the importance of the jab....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:53 pm: at the risk of tooting my own horn....
[Dave Murphy] 7:53 pm: Just to interject,but in one of those letters that Archie Moore sent Iceman, he says "if you
can touch a man with the Jab,then why not HIT him with it?"
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:54 pm: when u see chad dawson jab, that is me
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:54 pm: Archie stressed it to me back then but i didnt listen like i should have
[Boxing Talk]: PLOWBOY has left at 7:54 pm
[Boxing Talk]: PLOWBOY has entered at 7:54 pm
[bojado71] 7:54 pm: Grebfan up next
[Dave Murphy] 7:54 pm: I think of that quote when I see "pawing jabs" in a fight
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:54 pm: it was much later on that i really realized what he meant
[Boxing Talk]: Erikk has left at 7:55 pm
[grebfan9] 7:56 pm: Hey John, do you know of any good Hvwt prospects ?
[bojado71] 7:56 pm: After Grebfan, then John, Dave
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:56 pm: well...I saw chazz witherspoon spar godfrey in the gym....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:56 pm: seems very strong and heavy handed
[Elwill7847] 7:57 pm: I know Ali was a big influence on you? How do u think he'd do with Tyson, Lewis, Holyfield &
todays guys?
[Boxing Talk]: Erikk has entered at 7:57 pm
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:57 pm: I honestly believe Ali at his best was too much for those guys....
[Erikk] 7:57 pm: Sorry.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:57 pm: I dont think Holyfield could trouble Ali al that much....
[bojado71] 7:58 pm: John up, then Dave, PBF
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:58 pm: lewis coul dbe aproblem because of his ize but ali fought a few 6 5's and
whupped em
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:58 pm: size
[Dave Murphy] 7:58 pm: Ice, I know you Train Godfrey,I was wondering if you saw that Erik Fields on FNF a few
weeks ago,and how you think Matt might do with him (once Fields is ready)
[Elwill7847] 7:58 pm: I asked my question. dave next
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:59 pm: I saw Fields as an amateur when he only had like 11 fights...looked very
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 7:59 pm: Fields is great.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 7:59 pm: hes probably going to be a threat but not YET as u say...we'll see
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 7:59 pm: Ice, how do you think you would match up against some of today's top lhw's in
your prime? Bernard Hopkins or even your boy Chad Dawson?
[bojado71] 8:00 pm: Erik up next, then Dean, then Paul
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:00 pm: u know whats crazy..... I really consider myself a small 175 pounder......
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:00 pm: yeah
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:00 pm: i LOOK like a big middleweight or a small 168 if u see me in person.....
[Erikk] 8:01 pm: I see u talk alot about dawson u had him as an amatuer?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:01 pm: if i knew THEN what i know NOW though ithink i could fight most guys....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:01 pm: I had chad for a few fights as a pro until the VERY UNDERHANDED GARY
SHAW stol ehim away
[dean wipfli] 8:01 pm: have you ever considered commentary on a big network because you do very good.
[bojado71] 8:01 pm: Dean, Paul, Gary, Dave
[Erikk] 8:01 pm: Oh that sucks.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:02 pm: Thanks alot my man....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:02 pm: and I am definitely open to doing more commentary
[dean wipfli] 8:02 pm: at calling fights
[Dave Murphy] 8:02 pm: Shaw is a slime,I'm not surprised to hear that at all.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:02 pm: I have discussed it with some people in th e business...
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:02 pm: just waiting to get something concrete offerd
[Paul] 8:02 pm: Iceman, of all your fights who has comfounded you the most and how did you handle it? In other
words, who through you that curve in the ring that you just did not expect?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:03 pm: well... i EXPECTED Maske to be difficult because i knew about him in the
[bojado71] 8:06 pm: Dave up, then Plow
[Boxing Talk]: Powerboxer has entered at 8:06 pm
[Dave Murphy] 8:06 pm: Ice,do you ever get frustrated with the Politics, like with the Orgs and do you see
ANYTHING that can ever be done about it?
[Dave Murphy] 8:07 pm: Been a problem as long as I can remember
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:07 pm: I see nothing short of Gov't intervention
[bojado71] 8:07 pm: Plow up next, followed by manu
[PLOWBOY] 8:07 pm: U and Drake Thadzi fought each other at the end of your careers. he was the only man to ever
stop you. Can u describe what happened in that fight? Drake was a big puncher, but i still cant beilive he beat Toney
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:07 pm: its daily INSANITY
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:08 pm: Drake.... i never really felt his power..i was a ZOMBIE to tell u the truth.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:08 pm: it was bad... i really did NOT want to fight and it showed in the fight... i
was in the hotelthat day at 6 pm debating fiercely if i should go home or not
[bojado71] 8:08 pm: Manu up next, then Dean, Erik
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:08 pm: it was VERY bad
[ManuAdFerrum] 8:09 pm: Iceman, you had a pretty long career with no real significant layoffs. How did you hold up
so well?
[PLOWBOY] 8:10 pm: can u elaborate on what was going on? why didnt u want to fight
[PLOWBOY] 8:10 pm: if not its cool
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:10 pm: boxing was just fun to me....i held up cuz i loved it.... the only reason i
eventually stopped was because fights kept flling out on me...i stil spar often and plan to until i am 50
[bojado71] 8:10 pm: [PLOWBOY] 9:10 pm: can u elaborate on what was going on? why didnt u want to fight Then
Dean up next, Erik, John, Dave, Gary
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:11 pm: PLOW....tell u me NOW at [email protected] and I will
email some of the chapter from my book about that fight
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:11 pm: explains it all
[Erikk] 8:11 pm: lol
[bojado71] 8:11 pm: Dean up next, Erik, John, Dave, Gary
[PLOWBOY] 8:11 pm: cool... is your book out John?
[Erikk] 8:11 pm: when does the book come out?
[dean wipfli] 8:12 pm: iceman who are you picking to win b-hop your calzaghe
[bojado71] 8:12 pm: Dean up next, Erik, John, Dave, Gary, PBF
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:12 pm: book not done YET..but hopefully soon... i have ALOT OF STUFF...matter
of fact, all of u can email me if u want and i will send something
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:12 pm: [email protected]
[Erikk] 8:13 pm: Thanks John
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:13 pm: I have to go with JOE C on that one
[bojado71] 8:13 pm: Erik, John, Dave, Gary, PBF, pau;
[Dave Murphy] 8:13 pm: John, Rule 1 of publishing!!! Make your Friends BUY the Book
[Erikk] 8:13 pm: back to Chad dawson I saw him fight here in Sacramento last year. What do u think of him & is
there anyone that can beat him currently?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:14 pm: chad has all the tools.... andif he i son top of hi sgame i dont think any
175 pounders will beat him
[bojado71] 8:14 pm: John up next, Dave, Gary, PBF, Paul
[Elwill7847] 8:14 pm: Do you talk to Vinny Paz at all? if so, whats he up to?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:14 pm: he is like the prime RJ of his day.... although the chin might be a problem
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:15 pm: I see Paz sometimes..he's doing some commentary on a regular basis
[bojado71] 8:15 pm: Dave, Gary, PBF, Paul. Dean
[Dave Murphy] 8:16 pm: John,what fighter has been the most suprising to you in that they didn't acheive what you
thought they other words,a Can't Miss Prospect that somehow missed.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:16 pm: well....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:16 pm: bojado looked very good at one time....
[bojado71] 8:16 pm: Gary up, then PBF, Paul. Dean, Greb, Tmana
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:16 pm: but that IDIOT ricardo williams....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:17 pm: BIG disappointment
[Dave Murphy] 8:17 pm: Oh man!!!!
[Erikk] 8:17 pm: lol
[bojado71] 8:17 pm: John, what books is your favorite boxing book of all time?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:17 pm: he had it ALL..including 1.1 million bonus....
[Dave Murphy] 8:17 pm: Hey,Gary,remember when I predicted Ricardo Williams would be P4P #1 in the world at
some point?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:17 pm: but he needed MORE. jerk....
[bojado71] 8:17 pm: I do dave!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:18 pm: book.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:18 pm: a few to check out....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:18 pm: THE BLACK LIGHTS by thomas hauser.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:18 pm: SUGAR RAY by ray robinson......
[Dave Murphy] 8:18 pm: Great book
[bojado71] 8:18 pm: One of my favorites!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:18 pm: fridays hero's by willie pep.....
[Dave Murphy] 8:18 pm: The Dave Anderson book with SRR
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:19 pm: and THE GREATEST by Muhammad Ali
[Dave Murphy] 8:19 pm: Ice is naming off my favs here
[bojado71] 8:19 pm: Wow, never heard of the Pep book. Will have to get it.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:19 pm: yea, dave
[bojado71] 8:19 pm: PBF up, Paul. Dean, Greb, Tmana
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:19 pm: What do you think about the firing of Larry Hazzard?
[Dave Murphy] 8:19 pm: No Sting like a Bee by Jose Torres?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:19 pm: yea sting was good too
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:20 pm: well, in regard to hazard..u never know the REAL STORIES IN THOSE
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:20 pm: U know?
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:20 pm: Right
[bojado71] 8:20 pm: Paul. Dean, Greb, Tmana
[Paul] 8:20 pm: Iceman, when you feel you may be getting in trouble in the ring, what you do? how do you slow
things down, either mentally or strategically to right the ship?
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:20 pm: I didn't really buy the "time for a change" thing.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:21 pm: u mean in trouble like head shot dizzy trouble?? lol
[Paul] 8:21 pm: yes
[dean wipfli] 8:22 pm: john who is your fav. alltime boxer and your fav. current boxer.
[bojado71] 8:22 pm: First Paul's question, then Dean, Greb, Erik, Manu
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:22 pm: well, holding is always good one thing about me that is not the case
with too many guys..when i felt any hands went UP
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:23 pm: ALI is my tops..hearns is up I like to watch Pavlick,
Mayweather... Cotto is fun to watch
[Dave Murphy] 8:23 pm: I was hoping we would break the Chat attendance record held by Stevie Forbes but I've just
discovered that in my brilliance I scheduled Ice up against the Academy Awards.....Jeez, nice work Dave!!!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:24 pm: Thanks Dave (sabatoged me)
[Dave Murphy] 8:24 pm: lol
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:24 pm: Sabotage
[dean wipfli] 8:24 pm: good choices mine are ali &louis
[bojado71] 8:24 pm: Greb, Erik, Manu, John, Dave
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:24 pm: 13 isn't bad
[Dave Murphy] 8:25 pm: 14 if you can Ice himself
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:25 pm: True
[Boxing Talk]: Paul has left at 8:25 pm
[grebfan9] 8:25 pm: Hey John, what do you think about antonio Tarver - can he still compete at his age?
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:25 pm: no
[bojado71] 8:25 pm: Greb now, Manu, John, Dave, Gary
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:26 pm: Sorry. Had to. lol
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:26 pm: Hard to say.... he hasnt really recaptured that OOMPH he had when he
fought RJ u know?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:26 pm: time may have passed him by
[bojado71] 8:26 pm: Manu next, John, Dave, Gary
[ManuAdFerrum] 8:27 pm: What's the funniest or strangest thing you've ever seen happen in the ring?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:27 pm: well....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:28 pm: in the 1986 golden gloves finals the 147 lb champ spent every victory
doing a somersault in the ring to celebrate....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:28 pm: after he won the title..he tried to do the flip with the trophy..... it ended
up in 100 pieces all over the ring....
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:28 pm: LOL
[Elwill7847] 8:28 pm: Ice, earlier you referred to yourself as a small Light Heavy. If u were active today would u fight
at 168 or still at 175?
[tmana] 8:28 pm: lol
[ManuAdFerrum] 8:29 pm: Haha.
[PLOWBOY] 8:29 pm: haha
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:29 pm: everybody laughing..he picked up the little man and did another flip and
got a standing ovation

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[grebfan9] 8:29 pm: lol
[Dave Murphy] 8:29 pm: lol
[bojado71] 8:29 pm: Dave, Gary, PBF
[bojado71] 8:29 pm: LOL!!!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:29 pm: I would probably try to stay at 168
[Dave Murphy] 8:30 pm: Ice,your a commentator now,but who were your favorites growing up and who do you most
admire today among the commentators?
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:30 pm: good question
[Erikk] 8:30 pm: Please dont say Wally Mathews
[Dave Murphy] 8:31 pm: I will put in a plug for my friend Steve Farhood
[bojado71] 8:31 pm: Same here
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:31 pm: To tell u the truth....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:31 pm: when i was a kid i didnt pay much attention to those guys and i still dont
[Dave Murphy] 8:32 pm: lol
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:32 pm: WALLY gets ICED by me in my book,,u know why???
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:32 pm: when RJ was fighting tony thornton, he called Tony a 'tomato can" in the
NY Post.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:33 pm: tony freaking thornton, a tomato can??????? NOT QUITE, WALLY
[Erikk] 8:33 pm: i cant stand Wally , worst announcer out there
[bojado71] 8:33 pm: I don't trust any NYer who has a year round tan like Wally lol Gary up, then PBF, Plow, John,
[Dave Murphy] 8:33 pm: I turn the sound down when I watch Versus fights,I can't stand him
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:34 pm: Ice, Could you see Roy Jones beating Joe Calzaghe? And real quick. Vasquez or
Marquez... thanks
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:35 pm: I dont figure RJ to be a favorite at this time, no... but in his prime i say he
beats ANYONE at that weight
[bojado71] 8:35 pm: John, Do you feel Wlad Klitchko really has a weak chin or was it more due to nerves and his
somewhat stiff style?
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:35 pm: Sorry gary.
[bojado71] 8:35 pm: Not a problem at all
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:35 pm: vaz-mar rematch right> i didnt see the first one
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:35 pm: yeah the 3rd fight
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:36 pm: Marquez won the 1st and Vasquez the second. Both fight of the year candidates
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:36 pm: Well, I put it like this... if a REAL puncher, a rahman, peter etc lands a
flush shot on Klits I am assuming he will be in some trouble....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:36 pm: it might be a combination of those things u mentioned
[PLOWBOY] 8:36 pm: U beat a guy by the name of Billy Bridges, gave him his first and only loss via split dec. do u
know what happened to him, he fought 4 more times, all wins then never fought again.
[Erikk] 8:37 pm: nice question Plow
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:37 pm: billy.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:38 pm: was a top amateur, ike 400 fights....and was a solid pro....good
style...sparred with RJ for a time....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:38 pm: maybe burned out, who knows?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:38 pm: actually...
[bojado71] 8:38 pm: John uo then Erik, Dave
[Elwill7847] 8:39 pm: If up to u, would u like to see 15 rounds again or are u ok with 12 rounds?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:39 pm: if i recall right. he may have suffered an injury at some point
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:39 pm: i am OK with 12...but if 15 came back i wouldnt complain
[bojado71] 8:39 pm: Erik up, Dave, Gary
[Erikk] 8:40 pm: u mentioned a national commsion earlier, what can be done to help?
[Erikk] 8:40 pm: Or is it never gonna happen?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:40 pm: Eric, Dave, Gary then I MUST go before the wife trips out LOL.....
[Erikk] 8:40 pm: Can McCain help?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:41 pm: everybody clams up when the GOV'T tarts sniffing around
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:41 pm: starts
[bojado71] 8:42 pm: Dave up, then Gary to close
[Dave Murphy] 8:42 pm: Iceman,what do you think of these Cuban Amatuers? They keep failing supposedly because
they keep their Am Trainers......can you explain the difference between a Am Trainer and a Pro Trainer to me?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:42 pm: well.....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:42 pm: there are some very good amateur trainers etc...
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:43 pm: but i have noticed that many coaches in the amateurs dont have a great
grasp on the fact that the pro game is so different
[bojado71] 8:43 pm: John, last question, do you ever see boxing returning to network TV again?
[Dave Murphy] 8:43 pm: Body Punching for one thing?
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:43 pm: when i got chad he was VERY Talented but still VERY mateurish
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:44 pm: body punching tjust doing it...but HOW TO DO IT poperly
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:44 pm: properly

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[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:45 pm: I WISH WISH WISH boxing would come back to network TV....
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:45 pm: but u know what?
[Dave Murphy] 8:45 pm: I think we all do
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:45 pm: i assume there is a very good reason that it hasnt
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:45 pm: tho i am not sure what that is
[bojado71] 8:45 pm: John, thank you for being an awesome guest. Amazing how 2 hours just flew by.
[PLOWBOY] 8:46 pm: For Godfreys next fight id like to see him vs Troy Ross
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:46 pm: I used to spar TROY!
[Erikk] 8:46 pm: Thanks alot Iceman
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:46 pm: Very strong guy
[PLOWBOY] 8:46 pm: thanks John, dont forget troy Ross needs an opponent
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:46 pm: Listen...
[PLOWBOY] 8:46 pm: really? sweet
[Dave Murphy] 8:46 pm: Thanks,Iceman,this was a great Chat. Good luck in Germany with Godfrey and don't be a
[ManuAdFerrum] 8:46 pm: Thanks, Iceman.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:46 pm: I will come back any time u ask!
[dean wipfli] 8:47 pm: thanks for coming by iceman.
[bojado71] 8:47 pm: Thanks! Really enjoyed this chat
[Dave Murphy] 8:47 pm: The Pleasure was all ours.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:47 pm: I hope so
[PrettyBoyFloyd] 8:47 pm: Thanks a lot John!
[dean wipfli] 8:47 pm: good chat.
[grebfan9] 8:47 pm: Thanks John
[Elwill7847] 8:47 pm: Thanks Ice
[tmana] 8:47 pm: thanks john
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:47 pm: I will touch base with u guys next me anytime if u guys want.
i always reply
[dean wipfli] 8:48 pm: will do
[PLOWBOY] 8:48 pm: ill have to talk with u about Troy next time, peace!
[Dave Murphy] 8:48 pm: ..and we will keep an eye out for that book!!!
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:48 pm: ALSO.... here is a link for you to my messag eboard...some good guys on
[bojado71] 8:48 pm: definitely.
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:48 pm: Iceman's Message Board :: Index
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:49 pm: sign up and if u cant log in just email me and i wil make sure u gain
[Dave Murphy] 8:49 pm: Into my favorties it goes....
[bojado71] 8:49 pm: awesome, same here
[ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY] 8:49 pm: cool...dont forget, email me if u dont gain access....
[dean wipfli] 8:49 pm: peace out boxing bro's
[bojado71] 8:49 pm: Take care!
[Dave Murphy] 8:49 pm: So your site will be wanting to have a Dave Murphy Chat sometime right? Let me check my
[Elwill7847] 8:50 pm: take care and best birthday wishes to the Mrs
[Dave Murphy] 8:50 pm: Just kidding and thanks for coming by,Ice
[Boxing Talk]: ICEMAN JOHN SCULLY has left at 8:50 pm
[Boxing Talk]: dean wipfli has left at 8:51 pm

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This is exactly why we need a chat option here. We had Steve Forbes in the chat a few months ago. A lot of guys like to do this, but not many boxing sites have the option.

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He is one of the nicest guy's I've ever talked to. Me and John have had a few conversatiosn about Roy Jones and Mike Tyson in my time. He even sent me an autograph photo of himself from his home address.

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This is a big reason why we need chat here. Steve Forbes said he would chat here if we had the option available. John said the same thing. A lot of boxers/trainers of the past and present love doing that sort of thing.

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Absolutely. I just wish there was a way I could do what I saw fit to improve this place. I would take member suggestions like crazy and try to accomodate everyone. A shoutbox would be huge! A chat room would be huge! MORE SMILIES would be huge! All of those things are relatively easy to do. I know this. But nooooooooooooooooooo

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It is all about management though. We could have it get really big as long as everyone is made to adhere to the rules that distinguish us from other places. This place will never be like the others as long as I'm here!

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hahaha, another blast from the archives. sugar turned on em though. can you all get a chat room up in here. is it possible? how does that work??
For a boxing forum we sure got alot of Fantasy based necromancers up in here.

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whats a necromancer? and is a chat room a bad idea? not sure. you tell me
Someone who raises things from the dead.

And a chatroom, or ventrilo even, wouldn't be a bad idea.
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