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Hi. I’m Ivan, I’m 19, and I have been boxing since I was around 13. Although I have boxed for a long time at a gym, the coaches never paid attention to me and only focused on the owner’s son. I had to teach myself to box as best as I could using online resources, and sparring at my old gym. Once I moved out last year, I began looking to compete. I have experience in other martial arts too, and a lot of sparring experience.

I have recently been doing my best to join my local gym’s amateur boxing team and I was told that I specifically need to improve my footwork. I am the guy with the grey sweats and black superman shirt, and red shoes. These are the videos in order of the rounds which I sparred in. My opponents were much less experienced than me, so I don't believe I was able to accurately present my movement and skill.

In the first video, you can see me using my reach to harass my opponent with my jab, and also counter punch him quite a bit. I also attempted to use my switch step to change direction and stance to keep him on his toes, but I feel it needs polish as it looks clunky and I used it too often.
First Round

My second round was against another opponent of bigger weight and size, but due to his lack of a mouthpiece, we agreed to keep our sparring to the body only. I focused on keeping up the pressure and attempting to land more accurately placed body shots and just keeping it generally more light and technical.
Round 2

My third and final round was against my original opponent. This time, I asked my coach what to focus on, and he said a crucial skill for amateurs is to be able to get inside jabs. This is something I struggled with against a sparring opponent when trying out for amateurs. In this clip, I did my best to bait out as many of his punches as I could so I could try to move in, even though my natural habit is to step or lean back and then counter with jabs or overhand rights due to my above-average reach. It was also tricky with this opponent as his reach was significantly shorter than mine.
Round 3

Thanks to everyone taking their time watching and criticizing this. Every little helps. Again, I am focusing on improving my footwork and movement towards the inside, so if you can spot anything I am doing wrong or I can improve upon specifically, I would really appreciate it if you could eave some drills for me to work on. Thank you all!
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