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Former British and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion Danny Williams has been handed a shock rematch against bitter rival Audley Harrison on December 9th at the ExCeL London after Matt Skelton fractured his hand.

Skelton, the current Commonwealth king, injured his hand during a sparring session last week and it was made worse by when he continued with his training programme not knowing the severity of the injury. Following medical consultation and receiving X-Ray results, it was confirmed that Skelton had broken a meta carpel bone in his right hand and has been advised to rest.

The search was on for a replacement and Williams took the fight as soon as he was offered it and it will go ahead as a 12-round non-title fight.

It will be almost a year to the day since Williams beat Harrison at the same arena in what was a dull encounter until the Brixton puncher decked the former Olympic Champion in the tenth round with a blockbuster right hand. This stung Harrison into life and he fought for the last two rounds but it was not enough to win on the judges scorecards.

Following the Harrison victory, Williams went on to beat and then lose to Skelton this year but he is looking to end the year on a high by beating his bitter rival.

"Now I can really end the career of Audley Harrison once and for all," Stormed Dynamite Dan.

"Harrison's got no excuses at all when I smash him up this time and I've only had one weeks notice for the fight,"

"I've been training hard since my loss to Skelton and kept out of the media spotlight to work on my overall fitness and technique. I don't know why, but I had a strange feeling that a big fight was coming up and that I should increase my training and out of the blue this opportunity came up,"

"I will say to the fans forget the last fight, this time I'm going to lay straight into Harrison from the opening bell and punish him from the beginning to the end for all the embarrassment he has caused me because of that fight."

"I respected him too much but looking back now there was nothing to respect, for such a big guy he punches like a girl, has no chin and has the heart of a mouse,"

"If there is a fighter in Harrison now is the time for him to show it. He'd better not fight like a pansy because this time you will see a completely different Danny Williams,"

"Last time I only did half a job on him, this time when I knock-him down, he will stay down,"

"I'm still on a mission to achieve my dream of winning the world heavyweight title and beating Harrison will put me back in the right direction."

Skelton said, "I'm devastated at having to pull out and apologise to the fans, Frank Warren and Audley Harrison."

"No champion wants to pull out of a fight and it was the same with me on this occasion but my team sat me down and made see sense."

"This is the best decision in the long run because the injury would have undoubtedly affected my performance against Audley and I did not want to make any excuses had I lost."

"I will now have to rest the hand and undergo physiotherapy and will aim to get back in action as early as possible in 2007."

"I wish Danny all the best in his fight against Audley and hope to fight the winner next year."

The show also features the potentially explosive WBO World Featherweight title clash between Scott Harrison and Nicky Cook plus a top quality undercard featuring boxing sensation Amir Khan.

Promoter Frank Warren said, "It's a big disappointment that Matt has had to pull out because of his broken hand but at least we managed to save the fight with Danny stepping in to take on Audley."

"The last fight was a stinker but this time they can put the record straight with a good fight."

"Audley has been training hard in America and will be looking to even the score against Danny and he knows that his reputation and future is on the line."

"Danny will not be looking to embarrass himself and knows that he has to win this fight if he is to achieve his dream of winning a world title."
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