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article from new zealand paper

SHANE Cameron could finally make some noise worldwide if he accepts the David Tua fight and beats him.

Cameron and his handlers have done a stellar job since the fighter's first career loss to Friday Ahunanya last year.

His hometown fights against solid, if unspectacular, Americans Jonathan Hagler, Kevin Montiy and Terry Smith have seen him garner a No 8 ranking with the WBO and No 15 with the IBF.

But his reluctance to fight in the United States since his unconvincing effort in 2005 means he is a virtual unknown in the home of boxing.

That would all change in an instant if he was to beat Tua in Auckland early next year.

Tua would be the first "primetime" name to be in with Cameron and victory would catapult him to new levels of interest in the US.

Predictably, Cameron's manager Ken Reinsfield who is adamant his charge wants to meet Tua suggests Cameron has the more to lose if the fight eventuates.

"In the past you could argue David had more to lose but not now," Reinsfield said. "David probably looks at the bout as being an opportunity to get back into the world rankings without having to go through another five fights to be ranked again. Shane has passed David by in that sense."

Tua's promoter Cedric Kushner scoffs at that suggestion but reveals, for the first time, respect for Cameron.

"We don't take Shane lightly and I wouldn't be so naive to call him a chump," Kushner said. "He's a capable fighter.

"That's why the local rivalry will generate a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. It will be one of those rare moments where the two best in the land get to meet each other."

While the respective managers will never agree on much, there is no doubt either could describe the bout as anything but a high-risk fight as a loss could end the defeated fighter's ambitions to fight for a world title.

Tua, inactive for 13 months and sitting on 49 career wins, is hoping to use the bout as a springboard to a year that promises to deliver his long-awaited bout against undefeated Mexican American contender Chris Arreola. A loss to Cameron would all but kill his career.

A loss for the Mountain Warrior would make it difficult for Cameron to be taken seriously in the US by TV execs and writers.

But perhaps a bigger risk for Cameron would be to his credibility with local fight fans if he didn't accept the Tua fight given his numerous calls in the past for Tua to "get it on".

Said Kushner: "Let's face it, David has a higher profile both in New Zealand and internationally, so (this fight) is a situation where Shane can benefit dramatically. I am sure his people are smart enough to understand that.

"There's no doubt that Cameron has more to gain from this fight. That's the unfortunate thing for David. For him it will be an unbelievably important fight to win. I could script Shane's post-fight press conference speech now `David is a great fighter. I'll put things together and gain from this defeat and rebuild from here'.

"David doesn't have that luxury. He will need to win the fight. It's a simple as that."

Cameron is scheduled to fight in Gisborne in February so the earliest he could meet Tua is in April.

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Tua cameback and was fighting regular and getting back to fighting shape and getting rid of the rust with a couple of decent Ko's.

A family bereavement cut the comeback.

Hopefully Tua gets a year to get back in as he can still beat a helluva lot of the Heavyweights out there.

A Cameron fight is a natural.

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He had his chance to be in a higher profile fight on HBO against Arreola, but decided to price himself out. I'd be pulling for Cameron, but Tua can still knock out fringe contenders like him. He'll eventually catch Shane with one of his 5 punches per round and it's lights out.
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