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Enjoy Don King's Work?

Don King: Disaster or Genius?

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I hear a lot of people say the mane is the worst thing to happen to this sport and others say he's the best thing. After seeing the numbers his last fight put up how could you not admire the guy?

Spinks vs. Phillips/Alexander vs. Callist
Event Attracts 400,000 Page Views

Don King's illustrious promotional career ventured into cyberspace with his first-ever live webcast of a boxing event on on March 27. As usual, his presence was felt when 400,000 total page views and 200,000 unique users were recorded for his championship doubleheader featuring Cory Spinks vs. Verno Phillips and Devon Alexander "The Great" vs. Miguel Callist from Scottrade Center in St. Louis. "I am delighted with the super-sensational response to my first webcast at," King said. "I felt the timing was right for me to begin providing boxing matches on the Internet and the public's response with more than 200,000 individual visitors logging on in 94 countries has confirmed that. It's definitely the wave of the future and Don King Productions will be on the leading edge."
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