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Donaire, Forrest, Tarver, Arce and Chavez Jr. all Victorious via Knockouts.

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All five combatants won by knockout tonight. The one that impressed me the most the nonito donaire. Forrest looked sharp and knocked michele down three times. Tarver look decent I guess, but was able to finish santiago off in the fourth round by going to the body. Good night of fights in my opinion.

Chavez stopped him in 6th. Arce also looked good with a 1st round knock out
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I saw Donaire and Forrest fights. But I missed Tarvers. I was watching Chavez Jr-Sanchez instead. It was a great fight. Toe to toe. Chavez stopped him in 6th. Arce also looked good with a 1st round knock out
Awesome I'll make a note of that as well in this thread.
Vernon and Tarver both looked very ordinary to me ,the italian dude vernon fought couldn't break eggshells, and he should have got him out earlier ,the one tarver fought ,what ever his name is ,was made to order,shorther, slower ,limited in short a tomato can . The Mayorga rematch should be no problem to make as he was mentioned quite often during the fight
I agree , nonito looked awesome though. Can't wait to see him fight again, he had p4p status writin all over him.
I catched the JCC jr. fight he looked good and his bodypunching is brutal, he will have a belt by the end of the year, mark my words, if not early 09 but this kid will be big, i know he has fought bums but i dont rememkber anyone being so impressive gainst bums he just a puniher :)
I can't believe someone actually bought that Sanchez pay-per-view.
PPV -- 12/1
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr
vs Ray Sanchez
(super welterweight)
Jorge Arce vs
Medgoen Singsurat
(super flyweight)
Ivan Calderon vs
Juan Esquer
(light flyweight)
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Man, what a waste of money that would be:laugh:
That is why I didn't watch. I just got a bottle of Jagermeister and got hammered last night watching great college tackle football.
the showtime fights were free, and they were good.
Yeah I know those were free, but I could care less about Tarver and Forrest. I just downloaded the Donaire fight. He impressed me, but looked better beating Darchinian.
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