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Donations Needed for new boxing program

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Any help would be appreciated. We have put together a new program here in Batesville Arkansas. There used to be a boxing club here years ago. There are plenty of kids and teens of all ages anxious to learn and we are trying to offer them a low cost way to learn the sport. I am currently running the BJJ academy, which student base alone, doesn't quite take care of the rent, so I go out of pocket to make up the difference. For the last year I have been asked to implement a boxing program and finally got one off the ground, however, being a small community, there just arent many organizations ready to support the effort here. I am passionate about gettgin kids into sports, knowing that not all are the fastest runners, hardest throwers or best passers int he crowd. Boxing and grappling are sports that all can enjoy and excell in, giving them more opportunities in life, or just a better quality of life in general.

We have a few mitts and gloves, but many of the students just can't afford much on their own. I have more than half trading chores around the gym for tuition as I would rather have them come in for training and help clean up, than turn them away becauce they don't have any money.

Old/used, we are not concerned. No donations will be turned away, all will be used. We want to start getting kids and teens trained and into competitions as they are ready.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. [email protected] or 870-834-2092.
Mailing address is
Brian Davis
70 Batesville blvd, suite F
Batesville AR, 72501
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