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Donovan George to Mobley: “Dead Man Walking!”

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By Cestus Press

As the August 4, 2007 showdown between undefeated super middleweight prospect Don “Da’ Bomb” George and seven year fight veteran Shay Mobley rapidly approaches, Mobley unexplainable took a verbal shot at “Da’ Bomb” during a recent press release which was posted on a internet website. A furious George had this to say about Shay Mobley’s comments, “I would just like to congratulate (Shay) Mobley on his first internet interview in his seven years as a professional. If it were not for me, Mobley would not have ever had the chance to have a few of his words, as stupid as they may be, read by the boxing public. Instead of thanking me for that, Shay “Mobley” decided to try and extend his fifteen minutes by insulting me. That will be his last mistake.”

Donovan continued, “I’m going to hurt Shay Mobley that night ( August 4, 2007 ) and I am going to do his family a favor by retiring him from boxing. I planned to knock his ass out before his comments, but now I’m going to execute him with the kind of viciousness he has never seen. (Shay) Mobley should just use a tuxedo that night as I’m going to burry him!.

Mike Michael, who is Cestus Management’s chief advisor, added, “I don’t know what Shay Mobley was think as all he managed to do was further motivate a killing machine in Donovan George. Shay (Mobley) is nothing but a minor obstacle which Donovan George will plow through on August 4. ”

The Donovan George-Shay Mobley fight is scheduled as part of the under card to the Erik Morales-David Diaz contest which will be live in Chicago , Illinois and available on HBO Pay-Per-View.​
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