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DLH has been a great force in boxing for many years. His entertainment value, talent, and ability has made him as popular and as important he is to boxing today. But DLH is way past his prime, we ALL know that. Why should DLH fight a fighter that is in his prime in PBF?

This fight happening will obscure the opinion of many boxing fans especially those who do not realize that DLH is not the fighter that he once was. Although DLH beat a overhyped one dimensional Ricardo Mayorga, he has performed poorly or has lost in 3 of his last 4 fights (lost to Mosely, did very poorly against Sturm, lost to Bhop). This being said, if and when PBF outpoints DLH, the boxing public will view him as if he was greater than DLH. When in all actuality, PBF will be fighting the 34 year old bone aching, back injured version of the once great DLH.

Don't be fooled by Mayweather beating DLH, a fight between them when they were both in their primes would be alot more competitive, and would probably end with DLH as the victor.

DLH is greater than PBF, not only because of his acomplishments, but because of his ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.
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