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DVD R and Tivo problems

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:mad: my DVDR will not let me record HBO stuff from Tivo
and yes i tried something else and it worked
any one else have this problem.:mad:
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No idea. Ask Lance he will know.
Help Me .........................
some high dollar brands of tivo wont let you do this because of coding, if you get a cheaper brand ( non name brand ) and it should surely work. I usually record hbo sgtraight to my dvr and then to my dvdr. Im not sure how tivo works or is set up. will it let you copy other channels onto your dvd r? if so, ive heard of hbo copyrights somehow disallow this ( but only on high dollar tivo's and dvdr)
I told you Dave. Lance knows just how to confuse the hell out of me when it comes to electronics.
lol dave it worse comes to worse, ill help you get those dvd's until you can work out your problem.
is this the first time you have had problems with tivo and hbo and your dvd recorder not working right?
Just PM him Lance, Damn! Lol, you are a technology genius and Dave and I are the opposite.
lol i like getting credit for my post :D
it just started with HBO this week with the Barrera fights
then i tried to record the taylor distroction but it wouldn't
it says "this program can not be recorded"

so i guess i will have to set the Tivo to record the boxing on another Channel then try to pass it to the DVDR

its a 2 or 3 year old top of the line Sony DVDr with all of the other Rs and RWs - + symbols to go with it.

is there anything else i can do besides changing the channel.

Dammm this set up was working so good for me:mad: :mad:

Now i have to baby sit the Tivo.:mad:
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TysonJones said:
is this the first time you have had problems with tivo and hbo and your dvd recorder not working right?
yes................ hbo is the only channel it wont record form the tivo? i used to have a little cheap dvd recorder than would allow me to record anything. Try getting a cheap dvd recorder if you think its the recorder, or maybe you need to get a different tivo. Im not sure dave. ive never ran into this problem, just heard of it.
It has to be that HBO changed it Copy right stuff. And my damm DVDR is reading the info and rejecting it.
Today I am going to record HBO on a deferent Tivo channel to confirm this.
I’ll let you know what happens.
Thanks for the help Dude
alright, letme knwo how it goes.
all fixed i just put the tivo on a deferent channel and relabel the DVD.
awesome dave, good luck.
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