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earnie Shavers Vs George Foreman

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Who was more powerful?

who hit harder?

and finally who would win in a fight?

I always hear how Shavers is meant to be the strongest puncher ever, but that's hard to believe when you have someone like Foreman around, Foreman's the guy who raped Frazier! :boxing:

Educate me people!
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Foreman was stronger and a much better fighter, but Shavers hit harder. Every common oponent between Shavers and Foreman said that Shavers hit harder. Nobody ever fought Shavers and said anybody else they fought hit harder than him.

In a fight though, Foreman would win.
The difference between the power in their shots is negligible. Foreman had a much better chin and was clearly a better boxer. Foreman would stop Shavers. Foreman stopped top competition in their prime. The only top boxer Shavers ever stopped was Ken Norton, who was past his best by then and had already been stopped by Foreman previously.
Foreman had awesome power in "both hands",where Shavers only had great power in his right hand.Foreman also was ALOT stronger and had a better chin.In fact,Shavers chin wasn't very good at all.

Foreman would KO Shavers within' 2 rounds.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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