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well lately ive been starving i mean ravenous for some food because i have been watching what i eat. after my last weigh in i was 132 and im 5"8. i grew 2 inches taller but i gained about 7 pounds from my last fight. my coach says its alright because im 2 inches taller but shud i worry so much about what i eat? i stay away from saturated fat and trans, candy, fast food, ice cream all that sht ive been living off wheat bread sandwhiches and fuckign salad with protein shake. im dieing and a cheat day once a week aint cuttin it shud i been so concerned with this or is the occasional greasy meal not allowed. im still young (15 age) with 3 fights 132 lbs 5"8 tips?
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Eat whatever you want if you're working out regularly. When I was working out 6 days a week I at greasy fast food nearly every day in high school. You won't gain a pound bro.
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