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Edison Miranda Speaks on his future as a SUPER middleweight.

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It was a disappointing Saturday night in Memphis for middleweight contender Edison ‘Pantera’ Miranda as he suffered his first real loss of his career to Kelly Pavlik. But Miranda vows to be back in the ring and better than ever in the future.
“I’m sorry to all my fans for my performance on Saturday night,” said the gracious Miranda. “I let you down, but know that I tried my best with what I had to win the fight. I thank you for all the support you have given me and I promise that I will return to the top and win a world championship for you.”

“I realized the importance of this fight for my career, my fans and most of all, I did not want to disappoint HBO who has been my supporter after the events in Germany. I was faced with adversities that I have never had to deal with in this fight, with my weight,” said Miranda. “All during training camp, no matter how hard I worked the weight did not come off like it had before. I did not eat or drink anything Thursday or Friday and still I had trouble making weight but I did not want to let the network down and my fans around the world. I went into the ring weak and ill, but I gave it my best effort!”

“To Kelly Pavlik, congratulations on your win; it was an honor to be in the ring with a warrior who thinks and fights like you do, and I hope we can fight again in the future. As for my immediate future, I’m going to take a little time off from the gym to relax, and after talking with my team, I’ll decide what the next step will be. Who knows, the next time you see me I may be chasing after a world super middleweight title.

“Know this though, I will be back and better than ever!”
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I too thought he looked "off". With that aside, the Miranda that fought Allan Green would have received the same treatment. KO.
Yea I know but the point I was making was that the same Miranda that fought Allan Green would still get knocked out in the same fasion as the Miranda who fought Saturday. Pavlik would KO Allan Green too no matter how slick he may be at times.
Hmm...He still managed to knock Miranda down.
He just clowns too much instead of trying to nail people.
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