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edison miranda v allan green.

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ive seen this listed on a few of the boards today the fight will happen on the cotto v urkal undercard at a catch weight of 162ibs.

this is a great fight with suppermiddle contender green v middleweight contender miranda.
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I like Miranda in this one,but it's a VERY intriguing matchup. A year or two ago,I'd have picked Green but I think that Allen's been reading his Press Clippings and he's also not been adressing some serious defensive flaws that exist in his game(and for which he hasn't yet paid a heavy price). He almost got KO'd against some Journeyman kid on ESPN awhile back,against Miranda he won't be so lucky IMO.
miranda has serious power but im surprised he's actualy took this fight with him a sure for a title fight again, i would still slightly favour miranda to win this but green is technicaly better.

60%-40% for miranda.
Green is the better boxer and Miranda is the harded puncher. Its a hard choice but I might have to go with Green. This will be a real test for his boxing skills.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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