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Hey has anyone seen info on how fast top conditioned (like mayweather, pavlik, taylor, mosley, pacqiou, hopkins, cotto) can run a mile? Does anyone have info on trackwork or roadwork that they might do with times per mile/sprint?

Also, if you compete in amateurs, especially golden gloves or a respectable venue, what are your times with the 800m and 1600m (mile) practice, of course..not racing obviously we are fighters not runners.

I think that most fighters keep their running times and lifting poundage a secret for a few simple reasons:

1. Competition scouts can see where an athletes strengths/weaknesses lie based on their max reps/mile times ect. Making it easier to train for a physically stronger/weaker opponent.

2. Most fighters have pathetic conditioning compared to endurance athletes and powerlifters and it would make the sport look inferior and therefore less respectable.

3. Most fighters spend most of their time sparring and training to get in better fighting shape, which only has limited translation to racing/power lifting performances. Once again makes boxing look more barbaric and gutsy as opposed to athletic and skillful.

Now am I seriously gonna sit here and have no one disprove me with proof that some of the most athletically gifted and skillful fighters on the planet can't even throw down a 5 minute mile...or am I going to assume that because all the people I have ever trained with, including top ten contenders are the weak sauce of the athletic world because I am running 15 miles at the same pace as these guys do their 800m sprints?

Seriously, it drives me crazy because you have these old ladies running marathons which is alot harder than fighting for 4 rounds and yetwe call ourselves "talented athletes!"
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