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Enzo Maccarenelli vs Bobby Gunn

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What a joke, how can you call this guy be a world champion he hasn't fought anyone with any class. Haye, Bell, Huck and Morkeck would smash this Macc in 6 rounds, Gunn in one. The guy is ranked 157 buy boxrec for christ sake!

guys like warren ruin boxing, the sport is gonna be dead because of guys like him, no wonder the ufc is kicking boxings ass! crap fight like this with so called world champs!
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yes maccranneli could be ko'd in 6 by the likes of bell and haye. he could also ko these guys in 1 though, big enzo has a lot of heart and he hits damn hard. he's just as good as any fighter at cruiser. apart from david haye!!
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