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evander holyfeild scored an unimpressive points decision over fellow american fres oquendo in 12 rounds.

holyfeild, 44, showed little of his renowned speed or punching power as he continued his bid to become the first 5-time heavyweight champion.

all 3 judges in san antonio gave the fight to holyfeild, with one scoring it 116-111 and the other 2 scorig the fight 114-113 for the former great.

many fans booed throughout, with there being little action as holyfeild battled a fighter 11 years his junior.

"im not teribly impressed with myself" holyfeild conceded "but i got the job done and im thankfull, this guy was moving back so fast that i actualy had to leap at him to hit hit him. but now there's nobody who can say he cant go 12 rounds because i went 12".

evander hopes this will gain him a title fight (he mensioned briggs) early next year.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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