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Evander Holyfield VS Jeremy Bates - 19 August 2006, Sat

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Date 19 August 2006, Sat
Location USA USA, Dallas, American Airlines Center
Weight category Heavyweight (unlimited)

Evander Holyfield
38-8-2, 25
Jeremy Bates
21-11-1, 18
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i never liked the guy he is a COWARD,CHUMP, PUNK and fights dirty lots of head bunts. i will watch it just to see him get beat up.

on another note.
i never want to see a fighter hurt i would like for him not to fight again.
especially the way he is going. he is already going backwards his speech is getting bad.
holyfield had his chance to fight the best when the best was in his prime and
Holyfield desided not to fight him then. instead he waited 8 -10 years later to fight him.
i must be that shallow,
not to be able to get past that so no matter what he does now i only see him as a good story nothing else.
i can't even wish him luck as a fighter.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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