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Evander Holyfield VS Jeremy Bates - 19 August 2006, Sat

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Date 19 August 2006, Sat
Location USA USA, Dallas, American Airlines Center
Weight category Heavyweight (unlimited)

Evander Holyfield
38-8-2, 25
Jeremy Bates
21-11-1, 18
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I seriously don't know why Evander Holyfield is still fighting. I don't believe that it is money but at the same time what will it take to stop him from fighting again? I think he's done with boxing and we all applauded him for his courageous battles and victories. His gentleness won my heart and I have been his fan since and he is my hero but I don't understand why he is still in the game as a lame horse? If anybody has his address, I would love to drop him a note.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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