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Fight I would Love To See

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Antonio Margarito vs. Ricky Hatton. Why?

Well I just rewatched Margarito vs. Lujan and Lujan's ear was almost completely taken off. Margarito averaged about 130 punches per round. Hatton is a badass in his own right and would fare well against Margarito. This fight would be a guaranteed war. There's really no way around it. What do you guys think, and who would win in what fasion?
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Haha man, this is like the most impossible fight to call. Both have amazing work rate, so nobody is getting outworked. Both have real good chins, so its hard to see someone getting KOd. Both guys will be going all-out for the whole 12 rounds. I take Margarito winning a close SD in an all-out war.
ive changed my view on the outcome of this fight a few times while discusing who could win, my heart says hatton but my head says margie, i think margarito would be just to big and strong for ricky. margies 5'11/6ft, rickys 5'6, margie prob a middlweight boiled down to 147 and hattons only a 140 guy. ricky has the heart to win but id just give margie the edge, margie 51% hatton 49%.
rickys a better boxer though with just as good a workrate, so maybe hatton 51% margie 49%.

hmmm, i dunno, tough one to call. :D
im having a disagrement with myself here guys, your all welcome to slap me. LMAO
If Hatton moved enough I could see him winning. Margarito's punches look great against a slow guy like Lujan. He missed about 75% of the punches he threw. I think this is a fight that would be great for boxing!
tommygunn said:
margie 51% hatton 49%.
have i seen this before %

just maybe
Yes but you are even closer at 49.5 and 50.5
daveDaboxingfan said:
have i seen this before %

just maybe
yeah dave. lol

i feel the same here as you do with zab nd cotto. :)
i would go with hatton, hatton took tszyu's best shot and best illegal shot and zu hits much harder than margie even at 147. Hatton would ware margy down imo.
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