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Fighter and Fight of the year?

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2007 Season of boxing has ended on a high note with the p4p king winning is excellent knockout fashion.

My question is. Who's the fighter of the year?

And what is the fight of the year?
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FIghter of the year was Cotto. He really proved he is the real deal.
Fight of the year, i'd go with Taylor/Pavlik maybe! With Hatton/Mayweather not far behind.

As far as fighter of the year, I unfortunately would have to go with Mayweather - he proved he IS P4P number 1 for sure this time.

I have liked Khan this year, but don't think he's quite on the level for fighter of the year yet.
fighter of the year is easily floyd.

wins over oscar and ricky ensure this.

FOTY would be pavlik v miranda.
Fighter of the Year: Miguel Cotto or Floyd Mayweather

Fight of the Year: Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez II

Im abit torn on the fighter of the year, this was Cotto's big coming out year and he has a decent win over Urkal then two big ones over Judah and Mosley. Floyd has two massive wins, the Hatton performance was very impressive. I dont mind who gets it as long as its one of them two.
Fighter of the year : Floyd Mayweather, altough i would not be suprised to see Cotto win.

Fight of the year : Imo it was Israel Vazquez vs RM II, with Taylor vs Pavlik and PBF vs Hatton coming close.
Fighter of the Year: Mayweather, or Cotto, and just for the hay cause he did goof, Pavlik.

Fight of the Year: Vasquez vs Marquez, Taylor vs Pavlik, and Hatton vs MAyweather
Fighter of the Year: Mayweather or Cotto
Fight of the Year: Katsidis vs Amonsat / Vazquez vs Marquez II
Fighter: Tough choice, i'll go 1.mayweather 2.cotto 3.calzaghe

Fight: Hatton v Mayweather, (because of all the build up aswell as the fight itself)
fighter of the year: this is a tough call IMO. well, it's all in how you look at this. Floyd had a great year but was already p4p the best at the start of the year. Cotto almost came out of nowhere and became the top guy at 147 (well behind Floyd of course:) )and pavlik DID come out of nowhere to be the top dawg in the middleweight division with three fights.It should go to any of these guys.

Fight of the year: Marquez and Vasquez II, and Taylor/Pavlik are the frontrunners here IMO.:thumbsup:
Fighter - Mayweather. Two biggest fights in Boxing history and won both of them.

Fight - Taylor/Pavlik
Fighter - Floyd

Fight - marquez/vasquez II
TysonJones said:
Fighter - Floyd

Fight - marquez/vasquez II
I think it will go to Mayweather but I think you have to take into consideration where the fighter was the first of the year and where he is now in his weight division. If you take that into account Pavlik is giving him a run.......well atleast in my eyes his is, but I may be a little biased.:D
The fighter of the year will be Floyd. I think its a toss up between who SHOULD get it, but I'm certain that Floyd will take the award. The fight of the year to me was Katsidis -Amonsot or Pavlik-Taylor
Fighter of the year without doubt Floyd Mayweather - My respect and admiration of this guys boxing ability is unbeleivable!! Miguel Cotto definatly 2nd and il also give mention to Pavlik, Calzaghe and Juan Diaz.

Fight of the year - I will go for Vaquez Marquez 2!
Id also like to give mention to Pavlik v Miranda, Pavlik v Taylor, Kastidis v Earle, Floyd v Hatton and Barrera v Marquez.
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