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Name the 3 fighters that you can not stand.

1. Whitaker
2. RJJ
3. Floyd Jr.

I hate when fighters show boat. I think its disrepectful to their opponent. And I really hate when they talk in 3rd person. Makes them sound like complete idiots.

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1. Calzaghe
2. Lacy
3. Hatton

The number 1 most over rated boxer in the world, he must be great to go underfeated for so long, i'll give him that but when they keep sending bums to his backyard it takes a bit of the polish of his career.

maybe he should take on someone else from another reality tv show, should be safe for joe.

Lacy is average and not just because joe tapped his head off but because he has only one mode of attack and against real boxers he gets pikd apart.

Hatton, because im a kostya tszu fan and i didnt appreciate what he did to him, it just wasnt nice. and he got an ugly head

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BoxingGalore said:
Number one on my list is

Oscar De La Poya (CHICKEN)
I can understand the latter two on your list... but please explain to me in complete and utter graphic and deep detail as to why you don't like Oscar De La Hoya???
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