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fitness boxing workout help

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I wanted to learn basics of hitting..kicking..,,
but not to be a proffessional

is there a site or video somewhere i can train myself??

Thanks guys
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Getting started

Boxing can be a competitive sport or a powerful aerobic workout routine. In this video, a professional boxer shows you the basics of boxing. Learn techniques like how to throw a jab, how to throw a cross, and how to assume the proper boxing stance. To practice your new skills, you'll also learn workouts like jump rope drills, punching drills, footwork drills and an ab workout designed specifically for boxing.

This boxing video will also teach you about what equipment you'll need to get started in boxing, as well as how to properly wrap your hands with handwraps to protect them when using a punching bag or sparring partner. You'll also learn safety tips to box safely and effectively.
Very interesting. I may just check this out myself. Thanks!
i started learning from
I think Harmony is, Harmony is a girl's name. :dunno:
I don't think I have any chance of turning my fitness completely around by starting boxing at the start of next year and trying in vain to make the 2008 Olympic Boxing Team... HOW CAN I POSSIBLY DO THAT? DAMN! :thumbsdown:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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