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By Ronnie Nathanielsz

We have constantly been flooded with emails from the co-manager of newly crowned IBF minimum weight champion Florante Condes, American Dante Ortiz and the promoters of Condes with whom Ortiz signed a contract last May – Bobby Bostick Promotions and Trevino Boxing Inc., headed by Cezar Trevino promising the champion so much.

However, up to now none of them have kept their grandiose commitments beginning with the promise to fly as a group to watch the fight in Jakarta.

Subsequently, they announced they were on the way to the Philippines to greet the new champion with a check for $9,500 which was due Condes based on the contract the promoters signed with Ortiz. But they never came, neither did they deliver the promised check.

Now these same individuals claim that they have all agreed, including Filipino manager Aljoe Jaro, to have Condes defend his title and unify the division starting late October. However, Aljoe Jaro is skeptical unless and until they deliver on their previous promises.

In an email to Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today, Ortiz said promoters Bobby Bostick and Cezar Trevino signed a contract with him last May 4. Ortiz said they were supposed ”to go ten days before the Condes-Muhammad Rachman fight to the Philippines and Indonesia to support Condes and with the $9,500 to pay Condes on the day of the fight.”

Ortiz said they “did not honor the verbal and written commitments” adding that they came with “new excuses and agenda and said they will fly to the Philippines a few days after the fight.”

Ortiz claimed that he had a “strong and verbal dispute with the two so-called promoters” and informed them that they had to honor their agreement and were “doing damage to a lot of people.”

Ortiz said they have informed him they will fly to the Philippines between August 13-20.
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