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Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tonight 5/7/07

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Hey Guys Just Thought I Would Let You Know That Floyd Will Be On Leno Tonight. I Know Some Of You Dont Care About Him But It Will Be Cool To See Him On Leno. Leno Seems To Turn Egotistical Guys Into Their Normal Self. Im Looking Forward To A Well Mannered Floyd.
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anyone going to tune in? even floyd haters? incase he announces retirement again and all you guys can cheer?
oh yea, ill watch
Yeah I'm sure he'll try like hell to behave and not curse for at least 5 minutes
I wonder if Jay Leno will question him over his distasteful, insulting, (and some may say racist) tactics of himself and his team wearing the Mexican Colours and Sombrero when it came to fighting time? I thought that really stupid and arrogant! :cool:
umm, it had nothing to do with oscar. It had to do with one of the people in his camp. Mayweather is not as disrespectful as you think. People would of booed if he wore red white and blue and thats pretty sick too.
Just got done watching it and i believe floyd carried himself very well. Seemed like a geniuine nice guy and gentleman at that. he paid major respect to oscar. Hope you guys got to see a little bit of the nice side of mayweather.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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