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floyd mayweather retirement

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floyd mayweather has anounced his retirement after his next fight. 1 more fight.

check this out - BOXING - Mayweather says he's ready to walk away at his peak
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this is bull. oscar is saying this will be his last fight and floyd is saying his next fight will be his last, so when it comes to negotiate this fight the $$$$ will be through the roof, ive already heard 20mill each being guarented to each fighter for there "last" fight.

of course this is a cock and bull story from mayweather it will guarentee him $$$$ in the oscar bout but mark my words this is not the last we'll see of pbf.
I think Floyd is having too much trouble with his right hand
i would be so disapointed if PBF doesnt fight hatton

theres been talk of a fight with mosley for ages and now hes saying 1 more fight vs de la hoya. If he is only have the 1 more i will lose a lot of respect .
Ill believe it when i see it. Hes not done yet.
he's just trying to leave the Golden boy with no choice. He's probably thinking "he's got to fight me now" then he will fight again after that fight. I mean what if he loses the fight wont he want a rematch.
w dont know it sounds convincing
I dont believe him for a second. He says that he's the best at whatever he does. He might be a great actor too.
floyd really wants this fight. this could be the highest paying fight in history. I think the winner should get about 35 mill and the loser about 20. What do you guys think?
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