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Floyd/Oscar 7day weigh in.

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Friday, April 27 2007

Both Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather took part in the mandatory WBC 7-day safety weight check-ins from their respective training camps. Stepping on the scale in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico and overseen by the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission President, Jose Penagaricano, De La Hoya weighed 158 pounds. "I'm ready and eagerly awaiting the sound of the bell." Mayweather weighed in at the Las Vegas offices of Dr. Robert Voy. Dr. Cary Logan witnessed as Mayweather stepped on the scale and weighed 150 pounds. "Nothing left to say. I am in tremendous shape and ready to go."

So Floyd has unofficially lost two pounds in the last 30 days. Oscar has lost 6. I figured Floyd will weigh in at 151 and Oscar at 154.
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Lefthook said:
I agree with ya, Oscar is not the same fighter he used to be, i'd be surprised if he even wins one round in the whole fight. This fight will certainly go to a decision in favor of Floyd, Oscar will need to be aggressive all fight long and better be in the best shape of his life cause Floyd is always in great shape!

It's going to be a night to remember
Welcome to the board Lefthook. I hope to see you around all the time. And yes. You are right!!!
In my opinion this is by far the best looking forum out there.
Keep dreaming.
I wont be betting on that one.
You are truly mistaken my friend :) Oscar will time him late in the 6th or 7th and whiff a clean left hook, Floyd will smile and land back to back straight rights with Oscar looking around for who hit him!
No no no clinic fits perfectly :)
They were booing Floyd because they are the fans who want a slugfest. They want to see Floyd throw everything he knows out the window and throw 80 punches per round.
Very few people truly apreciate Floyd's style. Many people expect to see a repeat of the Gatti fight everytime he fights. They don't realize that Gatti was a statue practically built for all of Floyd's strengths. The fight with Baldi was ONE fight. His fight against Judah was great! Many people couple Floyd's attitude with the Baldi fight and have a nice recipe to dislike the hell out of Floyd
Haha good one. Floyd had no reason to risk anything against Baldomir. Look what happened to Zab. Rounds 5-8 in the Baldi fight were nice IMO. Floyd was sticking Baldi with his straight right and ducking the return right hooks beautifully! He just didn't give the fan the ever-popular knockout with disregard to defense. Remember, Floyd is a little dude fighting much bigger guys. (NATURALLY!!!)
Oscar isn't nearly as fast as Zab. And Floyd wont fight Oscar like he did Zab. That was a completely different fight plan.
Floyd has more speed, yes. Accuracy? No. Oscar is one of the most accurate punchers ever. I think you meant to say speed and agility.
You don't think Sr. had already filled him in? I can gaurantee you that he did. Floyd does fight different in all of his fights, it is just not that easy to detect. Trust me, you obviously know that I follow Floyd. If Floyd's hands hold up Oscar is in trouble!
Nah, I disagree. I am positive that Floyd gained knowledge from Sr. Also, Floyd is so confident that I doubt it would matter if Sr. chose not to tell him anything. It looked like his hands were fine against Gatti and Zab.
But he never stopped throwing.
You really think that? If it is close Floyd is screwed and will get no help. I still think Floyd wins the 12 round UD and wins 8 of the 12 rounds.
Oscar de la Hoya: "We are ready for this fight. Floyd Mayweather is always in good shape. We are expecting the best-of-the-best. Having Freddy Roach in my corner I believe will make a difference.....It is up to us two fighters to fight the best we can. I am going to fight as hard as I can. May 5th is an important date for me and I have trained hard to beat Floyd Mayweather on May 5th."
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: "I am here. I know what it takes. I am hungry and I am willing to die on May 5th.....I am looking forward to giving the fans excitement. On May 5th you will see the best Floyd Mayweather."
Freddy Roach, Trainer for Oscar de la Hoya: "We had a great training camp in Puerto Rico. My guy is ready to go. Don't miss this one! It might not last long."
Roger Mayweather, Trainer for Floyd Mayweather: "My nephew knows nothing about losing. He only knows winning."
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Comments were brief at today's final press conference for Saturday's Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Both fighters stated their training camps were perfect and this is the biggest fight of their lives. De La Hoya said, "I've never been this focused and this motivated in my life....this is the fight of my life....on Cinco de Mayo I will prove that I am still the best pound-for-pound fighter." Floyd recalled the days when both fighters fought under the Top Rank banner. "I never wanted to get close to him because I always knew I was going to fight him," stated Floyd. "Now is my chance to prove that I'm the best." Floyd's trainer Roger Mayweather commented, "This fight is supposed to be the greatest fighter against the greatest popular fighter, but we all know what will happen. Someone's getting their a-- kicked and it ain't going to be my nephew." Oscar's trainer Freddie Roach countered, "I don't have much to say, all I know is it's going to be a real short night." Things were calm when fighters faced off for photographers. They will weigh-in at 2PM Friday.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR WEIGH IN! I'm predicting Floyd at 151 and Oscar 152
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I forgot to mention that Freddie Roach will be watching as Floyd gets his hands taped.
Floyd is starting to focus more on the fight itself. He knows he has more to worry about than ever before and the guy is starting to get serious.
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