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The Fort Smith, Arkansas amateur boxing club is proud to release its annual honorary board members for the 2007 calendar year.

Returning this year to the board is legendary trainer Emanuel Steward, who is now training Arkansas native and World Champion Jermain Taylor.

“ Emanuel is an amazing man” Club President Keith Terceira stated “ Last year, well prior to Emanuel training Jermain he agreed to serve as a board member. The fact that such a legendary trainer is now training such a great champion and role model to Arkansas amateurs is a double blessing for us. Even with his own Kronk Gym going through trials this year he finds the time to call me several times a month. We will give Emanuel our thanks personally when we connect next week in Little Rock. ”

Hall of Fame Promoter Murad Muhammad also retains his membership this year.

“ Though Murad is busy with 4 time Champion Evander Holyfield, he has firmly expressed his desire to assist amateur sports in Arkansas and in general. I look forward to his and Evander’s inevitable success in a fifth Championship because to assist a small club as ours, there must be a reward in store for them.”

Promoter and Trainer Marshall Kauffman

“ Marshall’s return is our honor because of his commitment to both the pro’s and amateurs. Steering his son, Travis to a stellar career both as the top super-heavy in the country and now as one of boxing’s brightest prospects in the heavyweight division. His work with Rob Calloway, Keenan Collins, Travis and his prior work with Kermit Cintron may place him in the Hall of Fame at some point. Thanks again Marshall.”

“All of last years board members could not be returned this year because we wanted to give friends that we were associated with or were left off last year an opportunity, it was difficult to pick who would serve and I hope none are offended”

This years new members start off proudly with Fort Smith’s own World Champion Hollie Dunaway.

Dunaway returned just this week from Hungary where she won a hard fought decision against Krisztina Belinszky to capture two more belts making her a three belt champion. Hollie currently holds the WIBF- GBU Straw-weight ,WIBC and WIBA minimumweight titles

“ Hollie, her husband Brian Jones, and World Class Fitness Center can always be counted on to assist FSBA, often calling us to see if we have any needs or to volunteer funds, to me that is the true measure of a world class person as well as Champion. Hollie and Brian often make appearances at amateur shows in support of boxing in Arkansas and we wish her success in fulfilling her dream of unifying all the titles ”

Former World Heavyweight Champion Tim Witherspoon who now promotes boxing events in Pennsylvania has been added to the board.

“ Tim and Steve Witherspoon are top notch people who have stuck up a working relationship with myself and were proud to be associated with FSBA. We look forward to Tim visiting with our club members next year. I am grateful that Tim agreed to this so shortly after I joined his team to be in our corner.” Keith Terceira added

IBF Light Welterweight Champion Juan Urango, who is currently in camp preparing to defend his title against Ricky Hatton is also installed to board status.

“Juan is a unique individual whose strong religious beliefs and dedication to boxing has propelled him to the title but I hope that he realizes that because of his character he has always been a champion to boxing.”

New Jersey Promoter Andre Kut of KEA Boxing is also installed this year.

“ Andre Kut is one of the straightest shooters in professional boxing, and I was honored to be Andre’s matchmaker for his first show in April 2004. His dedication to boxing in New Jersey is still going strong and KEA Boxing will no doubt continue to grow because of his drive and integrity. Even after the tragic loss of KEA 's World Champion Agapito Sanchez, KEA Boxing never missed a step. Knowing Andre’s pride in his reputation and in his building legacy to boxing FSBA is honored that he has joined our supporters.”

Louisiana Entrepreneur Kerry Daigle

“ Kerry Daigle’s involvement in boxing is only bested by his other skills, whether it’s as a promoter, manager, writer, publisher, business owner or motivational speaker Kerry has found the secrets to success. I am proud to call him friend and his emails or encouragements are the first things I read in the morning. To have such a successful person available for advice is a tool often used. I have enjoyed sending out articles to his Keep Punching Home Page over the years and welcome his wisdom and knowledge.”

New York Promoter Bob Duffy

“ Bob Duffy and I have worked closely over the last year and he has a strong belief in amateur boxing, when Bob served as Commissioner of the New York State Athletic Commission he required that his commissioners be connected to the amateurs in some manner. Bob’s service to the legendary Ring Eight Association and his work as a promoter in New York is commendable. My sincere thanks to Bob for his assistance to FSBA.”

Arkansas Promoter William J. Calogero Jr.

“ A special thanks to Bill Calogero needs to be said for the following reason, when due to an error that I must take responsibility for we lost our chance to hold an amateur show this season Bill stepped forward from half the country away to volunteer an avenue where we could still hold our auction and fundraiser without stretching our clubs budget to the breaking point. Though Bill is in the process of opening a new 200 x 60 amateur sports complex in Duchess County, New York as well as running his businesses he stepped to the plate without reservations to supply a means for us to auction donated memorabilia and products donated from our sponsors as well as providing us a sponsorship opportunity and fundraising chance that we have never been afforded. This would not have been available without his volunteering. Recent cancellations and my error put us in a situation and Bill sent us a solution out of our friendship risking his own finances needlessly. We are eternally grateful.”

In closing Keith Terceira added his thanks to all associated with Fort Smith Boxing Association.

“ I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of the people I have come in contact with in my professional boxing life. The friendships and acquaintances I have made with both this and last years board members over the years have taught me much and will be one reason that our program continues to grow. The generous help of our Board of Kenneth and Steve Matthews, Ben Daly, Dr Billy Criswell, Don Pack, and Bob Lauderdale, and our honorary board above is staggering and blessed. I am but their vessel, it is their commitment as well as our Coach Willie Coleman’s that fills me with the energy to make this program stronger. It is with their vision that we will reach more children in Fort Smith and strengthen the sport in our part of the state.”

Fort Smith Boxing Association a 501-C-3 non-profit organization that trains at the Merit Gym on Midland Avenue in Fort Smith Arkansas and all interested parties can contact them at [email protected] or by phone at 479-208-2039 .
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