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freitas wants winner of diaz/morales

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Does he deserve this? I understand that oscar suarez is th eone who stopped the fight but still, he doesnt deserve a title shot, even though i do think he is a good fighter, just past his prime. I think there would be fireworks with a fight between him and morales, i just dont think he deserves this. What do you gusy things?
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I think Morales needs to step away.
Yeah Freitas and morales should get it on and say goodbye to boxing for ever they both seen better days... But is time to hang em up,thanks for the memories:eek:
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
I think Morales needs to step away.
Morales is shot! He needs to retire, i cant believe is getting back in the ring

as for Freitas, he should go back to the drawing board, althought he might beat david diaz if he ever met him
It's time for both to hang it up.
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