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Timothy Bradley

Tim Bradley is quickly becoming a name more and more people know. I see him currently at about 12 or 13 on the P4P list. He has quality wins on his resume and has yet to taste defeat. He currently holds the WBO light-welterweight belt. Below are his career highlights:

Bradley vs. Witter

This was the night that Tim Bradley put himself on the map. At 21-0, he took a big step up in competition to fight Junior Witter for the WBC World Light Welterweight title. The chips were stacked in the champion Witter's favor. The fight was taking place in the United Kingdom, where Witter calls home and it was Bradley's first time fighting out of the USA. Obviously, betting odds were not in Bradley's favor that night.

After a lackluster first half of the fight, Bradley was able to put down Witter in the 6th with a right hand. After that knockdown which Witter "recovered" from, he was never the same fighter on that night. Bradley won enough rounds to earn himself a split decision victory over the champion and hometown favorite.

Bradley vs. Holt

In April of 2009 Bradley fought Kendall Holt for unification of the WBC and WBO titles. Unlike the Witter fight where the action was the middle rounds, this one started off and ended with a bang. Bradley got hit with a crushing left that he didn't see and was bounced to the canvas in just the 1st round. Bradley was able to get up, dust himself and get back to work, outboxing Holt for most of the next 11 rounds, before being sent to the canvas again in the 12th round. Despite the two knockdowns, Bradley had racked up enough rounds to earn the nod from the judges by unanimous decision. Bradley now owned the WBC and WBO belts.

Bradley vs. Campbell

After being stripped WBC belt when he decided not to fight his mandatory, Devon Alexander (went on the KO Witter for the vacant belt), Bradley stepped in against former lightweight titlist Nate Campbell. Campbell had been struggling to make at 135; this would be his first fight at 140. Bradley imposed his will in the first couple rounds, showing he was the bigger and stronger man. However, in a strange circumstance, the fight was stopped after the 3rd round when Campbell told officials that he could not continue after a cut above his eye was blurring his vision. Bradley was awarded the TKO. After further review, it appeared that a accidental clash of heads caused the cut, making the appropriate decision a "no-contest". Campbell is currently protesting and more than likely, the decision will be reversed.

P4P Future

While a rematch may or may not happen, Bradley was in total control when this fight ended and I'd expect him to beat Campbell "again" if a rematch is signed. If Bradley is able to win a rematch with Campbell, the logical next fight would be against the WBC titleholder Devon Alexander. If Bradley is able to win that fight, he a P4P top 10 fighter in my book.

Thoughts on Timmy B?

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Going only 3 rounds with Campbell isnt enough to tell how it would unfold. I'd bet he'd win, but more than supposition is needed, and there was no proof.

Beating Witter, who is an inconsistent awkward fighter doesnt say that much.

His best win in by far the Kendall Holt bout, but he was floored twice in that night.

I'd still wait before ranking him in any list.
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