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By Mark Vester

It was first reported on on Tuesday, and then officially announced by Golden Boy Promotions on Wednesday, but don't be surprised if Golden Boy's signing of junior middleweight James Kirkland will result in a lawsuit by Friday.

There is a pending legal dispute between promoter Gary Shaw and Kirkland's co-managers Michael Miller and Cameron Dunkin. (Click Here to get up to speed on the fallout) As part of his lawsuit, Shaw claims that he still holds promotional rights over Kirkland, which Dunkin and Miller deny with a cross-action that claims Shaw voided the contract by not living up to the written terms.

Shaw told Dan Rafael that he plans to sue Golden Boy over the Kirkland pickup. He says they should have waited until his lawsuit with Kirkland's management was either won or lost.

"I am in court on a contractual dispute over Kirkland," Shaw said. "I put both HBO and Golden Boy on notice. I will file suit against Golden Boy. I already have a suit against the management. If I lose the lawsuit, then they can go and sign Kirkland. But they're so used to raiding talent and hiding behind Oscar's pretty smile."

"They did it to me with Diego Corrales, trying to sign him when I had a valid contract, and I won that one. They tried to sign Manny Pacquiao with a suitcase of cash in the back of a limo. I know Kirkland went to other promoters to talk about signing with them and to the credit of those other promoters, they said, 'We're not interested in getting into another legal dispute."

Source: Gary Shaw To Sue Golden Boy Over Kirkland Signing - Boxing News
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