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George Plimpton
Sports With Classs

George Plimpton was one of my favorite authors. He was a pioneer in modern sports writing. He put the "hands" on hands on. He went out and did what so many of us wish we could have done...he jumped in with both feet. He pitched to Willie Mays. He sparred with Archie Moore. He took snaps in a game with NFL players.

I was fortunate enough to read three of his classic works dealing with sports. "Out Of My League" on his foray into baseball. "Shadow Box" on his dealings with the sage Archie Moore and boxing itself. Last but not least his most noted sports work, "Paper Lion" . This was made into an entertaining movie with Alan Alda portraying Plimpton. A must see for football fans.

I believe that too little was said about Mr. Plimpton when he passed on a few years back. He was an intelligent and well versed individual who wrote about a variety of subjects other then sports. I urge you to look up some of his books and essays at your local library.
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