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Girl in my gym has a shot at fighting Laila Ali

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All she has to do is win her next fight, and she gets a shot at Laila for the title. I'm gonna be honest, I think Laila would/will destroy her, but I think she'll know shes in a fight.
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tyson said:
Wow whats her name and record mate?

Her first name is Rose or something, I don't know her last name or record. All I know is one time she came back to the gym, and her and her trainer, and the people that went to the fight said that she got robbed. I think she is like 8-1, or 9-1 the last time I heard, but that was like a year ago, sooooooooo...chances are she's had like 5 or 6 more fights. She can fight! She used to spar Larry's brother (who was rated #1 in the middleweights in the 80's, and his record is 33-1). He didn't hit her, but he would sure frusterate her. He is/was a defencive master. The thing on the sign out side of Larry's gym is right..."training future champions" we have had contenders and all, and Alexis Arguello even trained there a little bit a while ago. But then he said it was too cold in Easton and left. In the summers it is around 90-100 degrees in Larry's though, then Larry comes in and turns up the heat :mad:
TysonJones said:
well unless her name is mary jo sanders, laili wont be fighter her, sorry.

Who is Mary Joe Sander's? All Rose has to do is win her next fight, and there is a very strong chance she will fight Laila.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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