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Glen Johnson TKO Montell Griffin

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Fight started off slow and i had it about even until the 5th round. Glen johnson from then on out seemed to dominate the fight.
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I knew GJ would win. Man I caught so much sh*t from a lot of people trying to tell me he was garbage now.
he still has alot left in him, that pressure he uses will wear most lightheavies down. he is a very slow start though but he sure does come on strong.
it looks like glen jonson v clinton woods 75 now. :laugh:

seriously this will be there 4th meeting and i thought there 3rd was a classic so i say lets get it on!!!
3rd meeting was a classic, loved Ricky Hatton giving clinton a right rollocking in the corner at the end of the 10th, helped him dig deep & win the fight..
haha no kidding shane, that was an excellent fight as well. does anyone knwo where i can get the 1st and 2nd one?
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
What is "rollocking?"
A stiff talking too! Or to put it simply a boot up the arse :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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