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Glove Size

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when Iam watching boxing I have always wondered thy the gloves are 12 oz big. I mean this is huge(it still hurts though). In mma there are only 4 oz big. In k1 they are also 12 oz. I dont want to say mma is better or boxing, but one main reason why I watch mma is the glove size. Iam doing karate with 4 oz gloves, so this will be a factor too. But I think its just so much more fun to watch a fight with small gloves then with big gloves. Watching a fight with 2 big chunks just doenst do it for me. Why are the gloves 12 oz big, was it always taht way? Do you think it would be better with 4 oz gloves, and how much would this change affect the game?
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Yeah 8 or 10 oz gloves allow fights to be longer and more exciting.
I wouldn't. With smaller gloves we wouldn't have 12 round battles with come backs, constant shifts of momentum and crowd pleasing exchanges.
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