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Everlast protex3 sells for $199
Winning gloves sell for just about the same.

should i go with the protex3 or winning?

what's the difference between training and actual fight gloves?
Haven't had the chance to try out the new everlast protex, I've heard good things and they look awesome. Waaaaaay to expensive though, you could honestly find some better or just as good of gloves for a much lower price i.e. cletos or grants. Training gloves have different padding(less, and harder) for training purposes like sparring w protection and light bag work, they are usually 14oz-18 and sometimes 20. Fight gloves have much more padding and should only be used for competition w/ the exception of some sparring, and the padding will wear much faster. Pro fight gloves usually come in 8oz to 12oz hence you will have faster hands from the training with heavier gloves.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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