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Andrew Golota

Bronze Medalist at the 1988 Summer Olympics

Turned Pro in 1992

Infamous for he destruction of the once invincible Rid**** Bowe... only to get himself DQ'd on both occasions for his dirty tactics!

But when he fought fair with Bowe... he was still kicking his ass and I swear to you if Golota didn't play dirty as he did later... he would have won!

If Golota took on PRIME-BOWE from the early 90s and fought fair... I still reckon he would have won!

Golota's 2 First Round Losses to Lewis and Brewster made him look weak... very weak!!!

His loss... and eventual no contest to Mike Tyson... after just 2 rounds... also didn't help!

He has... however... shown us a lot of great boxing skill with a powerful brawling style, quick movement and handspeed for a man of 6'4" and well over 230lbs.

He had 111 wins as an Amateur!!!

What I'm trying to say is this... Golota really could've been something... a LEGEND if you may! He could so have been the best heavyweight of the last decade if it wasn't for some of his issues and possibly being a bit of a headcase.

I swear if his head was right and all... he'd be undefeated... and would've been been the Undisputed Undefeated Heavyweight Champion of The World a couple of years ago.

You may have a go at me for saying that... but that's how I feel.

Next to Mike Tyson... Golota would be the most controversial figure in all of boxing history and I find him incredibly interesting.

At times he has shown us how much of a monster he can be (whether fighting fair or dirty) and how much of a wimp (or not... if there were actual legit reasons as Golota and his camp claimed there were) with fights against Lewis, Tyson and Brewster.

Some... including myself... may say that he was a BULLY... and BULLIES ARE COWARDS and was cut down to size! :cheeky4:

I thought he beat Ruiz... but for some reason lost on decision!!!

Now I hear he is on the comeback trail... and claims to be better than he has been in years... and has a good nod of Respect from Former Middleweight King Bernard Hopkins.

George Foreman once described Golota as "THE BEST BOXER ON THE PLANET... HE JUST CAN'T WIN A FIGHT" in reference to all of his controversial losses... or something like that!

What do you think of Golota? Could he have been something else other than this massive one man controversy? Does he still have it in him to make something great out of his career? Can you see him ever ever winning one of Boxing's Heavyweight Championships of The World? Misunderstood? Y/N?
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I used to love watchin Golota fight, but I think he is just about done.

I think any HW has a chance in the current division though.
Golotas 2 fights with Bowe where wars. Awesome fights I can watch over & over.
I wish they produced a DVD (or 2) of the Bowe/Golota fights in full... with commentary... extras... the hype... the promotion... documentary... EVERYTHING IN FULL... that we need to know about 2 of the most infamous bouts in boxing history... that pretty much overshadowed Mike Tyson's return (he was in the middle of it during 1996)! :D
that combo to bowes groin was awsome :laugh:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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