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:( Taken from Tony
HBO Boxing Voice Larry Merchant Out After 29 Years, Mad Max Promoted!!

Michael Marley

I hope this Michael Marley’s Boxing Confidential – News, Analysis, and Commentary scoop turns out to be as wrong
as The Chicago Tribune when it headlined that DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN in
1948. But I don't think my story is wrong. It's not what will happen
that is in's when it wil occur.

Having given almost 30 years of meritorious service to HBO Sports as
its most critical commentator and having been, for most of that time
the cable TV conscience of the sport, I don't think Larry Merchant was
expecting a gold watch or anything else at the finish line.

And it looks like the HBO has decided that the Merchant of Venom is at
the finsh line. What started as faint drumbeats the past few months
has gone from a discernable whisper to a ear-spliting scream. Word
around boxing is that HBO is negotiating out a buyout of Merchnt's
contract and that he will be replaced by young Mad Max Kellerman who
will be promoted from the HBO "Boxing After Dark" series to full-time
service on HBO Championship Boxing and on the network's PPV shows.

A source familiar with the negotiations told me that Merchant has
accepted his professional fate like the consummate professional he is
and that he is working out an amicable "divorce" from the broadcast giant.

"You will see Larry alongside Jim Lampley for the May 5 Las Vegas
Super Fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya and the May 19 Jermain
Taylor-Cory Spinks middleweight title bout in Memphis. Merchant may
also work the Bernard Hopkins-Winkly Wright fight July 21 in Vegas.
But HBO wants to return to the airwaves in September with Mad Max
Kellerman sitting alongside Lampley in Merchant's 29-year role," the
source said.

I've had my differences with Merchant over the years. Once, while
scribbling for The New York Post, I wrote something about HBO bossman
Seth Abraham not needing a family pet when he had an in-house parrot
namded Merchant. But, despite disagreements, I've always respected
Merchant for his style, his candor and his courage to march to his own
drummer on many boxing issues and stories. I believe that people
generally talk the way they write and vice versa and Merchant was one
helluva sportswriter back in the day.

Name another boxing broadcaster who shows more general respect for the
fighters. Can you because I can't.

If it's over, Sir Larry, it's been one helluva run. I hope it's not,
that HBO would carve out another role for you on their broadcasts, but
if that is not the case then know this: you have given your employer
more than you've got.

You may not be the HBO Number One boxing commentator much longer but
you could always return to being the Write Man.

HBO had better give you a proper on the air sendoff. That's all I am
saying right now. We can talk about demographics, ageism and all the
rest later.

All I will say is that I will miss him terribly. His crazy comments and HILLARIOUS metaphors will be most-missed by myself.

Five years ago I began writing down my favorite metaphors of his and have well over 50. Long live Larry Merchant :(

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sliznut said:
NOOO!!!!! Say it aint so. I love Larry he is funny has hell.
As do I my friend. It will never be the same watching PPV's from HBO without the crazy metaphors.

For Example: During the Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor fight number one...

"Bernard is the lion who is used to stalk his prey throughout the savannah but has gotten old and he is now the lion............who waits the bushes..............for his prey............ to walk by."

Now if that isn't good Ol' Larry I don't know what is. By the way the numerous periods I placed in his quote were to dictate his slowing down his thoughts to reach into the innermost depths of his brain to find the right words. :) Long live the Metaphor King.

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I think the periods you put in are more for the alcohol that he sips inbetween rounds.
that hip flask has seen a lot of action down the years. :laugh:

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I hated the guy at first but now I love him. He is the single part of HBO PPV's that add comedy. I really don't like the other PPV's like Showtime and Top Rank. The Manny PPV was too fast and was over in a heartbeat.

But yea, I will definately miss Larry and they better do a live send-off during his last PPV.

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tedy seems to have one of the finest boxing brains around, he put a gun to tysons head so i doubt he'd be scared to ask the fighters tough questions.

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That's why I want him to replace Merchant. Before all of the Friday Night Fights he will tell you exactly why boxer "A" will beat boxer "B" and visa versa. He's right around 90 percent of the time. IMO he is one of the greatest boxing brains around as of now.

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Pacstraightleft said:
YouTube - Larry Merchant discusses Manny Pacquiao and P4P

YouTube - Larry Merchant nuthugs Pacquiao...AGAIN

I wouldn't call that "nuthugging". Larry Merchant was simply stating the facts. He's got more unbiased boxing knowledge that I know of than any boxing analyst.
Merchant absolutely hates Floyd Mayweather. Think about it. He hopes more than anyone that Oscar beats Floyd. Granted Manny is exciting but, his reckless style will get exposed in the near future. Don't get me wrong I buy Manny's fights unless someone else does and was at the last one. But, he is not the best p4p fighter.
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