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handraps 101

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i'm just starting boxing at home and have yet to buy all by gear. i know that properly wrapping your hands is important but how do u know the proper way without ever being shown? i dont live near a boxing gym and i plan on training at home. the back of the package says the basic steps but its not a good enough description. is there a boxing for dummies dvd or something that could help me with this stuff or should i drive to a gym somewhere? any suggestions?
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Look for a book or video on amazon or ebay.

also everlast, ringside etc all have online catalogs or websites.
This link should be exactly what your looking for. If you find that wrapping between the fingers isnt comfortable for you, you can just do a couple more over the knuckle wraps, then use some thin pieces of tape between each knuckle to prevent the handwrap from sliding off of the knuckles inside the glove. Let us know if there is any other info you might need! - Home Page

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