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hanging bags

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I plan on picking up a heavy bag, and a double end bag from but I've got a few questions. What do I need to hang a heavy bag/double end bag? I plan on making a set up in my garage, and was just curious as to how to go about hanging them. The speedbag I am gonna buy, I am going to buy a platform for, so that shouldn't be too hard, but the other too I'm a bit confused about. Also I weigh about 140, so what size heavy bag should I purchase. I was thinking about a 70 pound, but I'm pretty new to boxing, and im in ignorance as to what I need. Thanks
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70-100lb bag should be ok, especially if you have a floor mount hook and a bungee to keep the bag from swinging. Ill post pics of how I hung the Heavy bag I have, in my garage as soon as I get a chance. I dont have exposed studs in my garage, so I had to use a stud finder, and install a unique but very effective setup, especially considering the ceiling height is low. All of the parts I was able to pick up at a Sears Hardware store. Ill list it out and post pics later tonight for you.
Sorry, Ive been a bit busy with the holiday and all. Here are some of the pics i promised you.

The square tubing piece is approximately 4 feet long. It is screwed into the ceiling "stud" via 6 4" hex lag screws.
In the center of the square tubing you'll notice I installed a heavy duty eye hook and secured it with a washer and nut on the other side. From there hangs a heavy duty spring, and hanging from that is a swivel piece. Attatched to that is the bag chains and fastener.

All of these pieces were purchased at a Sears Hardware store, at a cost of about 25.00
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Oh and in case you dont think it is safe looking, the bag i have hanging from it is a 150lb. Ringside LLHB !
Oh and in case you dont think it is safe looking, the bag i have hanging from it is a 150lb. Ringside LLHB !
Thanks for the post on your set up. It's very interesting and I'd like to do the same.

Did you drill the metal tube horizontally across multiple beams? Or was it drilled multiple times into one beam?

Looks great!
Gotta check the dates before im posting sorry.
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