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Harder + solid, I Don't wanna be soft/flabby

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Hello all... I'm a bit of a fatty who boxer a few times a week at gym. People say I've got good punches and I'm getting fitter and stronger. I've always been losing a lot of unnecessary weight. I don't know what division I'd like to take part in but in two years time I'll know. Anyways... I'm a bit soft and flabby around the stomach and upper body area... like that big South African Boxer Mike Tyson used to beat up all of the time and was wondering if there were certain exercises that I can do a certain amount of times a week which can really get my stomach hard and solid and rid myself of the soft flabbiness.
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Do sit ups on an incline board on a 45 degree angle and do sit ups on that. Over time you will lose that flab. Also run and do crunch's.
bill1234 said:
Do sit ups on an incline board on a 45 degree angle and do sit ups on that. Over time youwill lose that flab. Also run and do crunch's.
How often would you do that a week and how many times a day?
Every day, and do 45-60 a day with 5 second brakes after 15.
i never work the same muscle hard 2 days in a row.
i like chrunch's(till you can't do anymore)
i like the medicine ball with somebody to talk shhhhht to, as i am doing it.(till you can't do anymore)
You shouldn't work to the point where you can't do that anymore. ;)
it works for me and i am seeing the results
Ok, as long as it works for you.
situps alone wont get rid of fat. yeah they will strengthen abs but they arent going to get rid of the fat thats over the abs. nothing will but proper diet and cardio. in order to lose fat you must lose weight. figure out your caloric maintenance level and start eating 500 calories less than that a day
All sounds good to me. I have a similar problem. I tend to eat alot of fatty, unhealthy but tasty foods simply for the fact that my metabolism is high enough that my body fat sits fairly low but i still have an inch thick layer over my stomach which I should really get around to shedding. I'll have to do it once I'm older and don't have such a good metabolism. I excercise and all but I seriously eat teh worst **** I could. Oops. Good question and good answers, thanks.
Get the book "body resolutions" by Vince Maradeo. It has all you need to know about fitness.
Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for that
I am such a lazy slob! I'll never ever be able to make my Pro Debut in 2 Years!
What happened? You were all for and now...your not?
I heard that Marciano use to swim a lot and throw punches while under water. I swam and played waterpolo in college. I burned off so many calories that could not keep the weight on. So, I recommend that you include swimming to your training program under an swimming instructor. Tell him/her what you are doing it for and I am sure they can find a program for you. Good Luck
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