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By Mark Vester

Ricky Hatton received some expert advice on fighting Paulie Malignaggi. During a recent training session with Floyd Mayweather Sr. and assistant Lee Beard, former junior welterweight champion Lovemore N'dou made a stop to Hatton's gym and the two fighters spoke about Malignaggi. N'dou has been training in the Las Vegas area for his upcoming bout with Kermit Cintron on November 15.

Two of Malignaggi's last three bouts came against N'dou. Malignaggi won the first by a wide margin, but N'dou did a lot better in their rematch and made it a very close fight but not enough to win. Hatton faces Malignaggi on November 22 in Las Vegas.

"I went to the gym and Lee Beard turned to me and 'I'm sure I just passed Lovemore N'Dou in the street!' No sooner than he said it than Lovemore walked into the gym. It seems he is a friend of the owner Tony and has been in Las Vegas training for a fight against Kermit Cintron this Saturday," Hatton wrote in his fight blog for Sky Sports.

"He hung out in the gym and we had a good chat about each of our fights. It was good to learn what he had to say about Paulie Malignaggi, having twice fought him. I have to say Lovemore was a complete gentleman and I wish him luck on Saturday."

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Oscar had a jab that troubled mayweather where as hatton just doesn't know what a jab is.

as for malligani. i think he will be beaten much like prince naz was to barrera. he will try and be flashy and talk but then get hit. hatton is looking good in training and mentally he seems very happy. in the lazcano fight there was talk of firing his old trainer before the fight. obviously at top level a boxer needs to not worry about thing to keep the mentality strong.

in this fight i don't think malligani can do enough to win.

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The logic that a beaten fighter can't offer good advice or information on a fighter they lost to is alittle bit flawed.

For a start off there is a huge difference between having a good plan and executing said plan.

If a boxer loses because of the former then the advice could be questionable, If a boxer loses for the latter reason then the plan itself may have been good.

If a boxer loses because he didn't have the ability to execute maybe the observations that got the boxer to that plan are good for someone else?

Also If he was telling Hatton habitts or things that Pauli did that he might want to watch for or told Hatton about what Pauli is like to face then that could be useful.



Say For instance if Pauli kept throwing a half or weak jab in the late rounds and this guy would have liked to have stepped through to connect with a big shot when it was pushed out.......but say if he was too tired or slow to do that?

The point is by talking to a guy that has fought him you might gain something that helps you even if it didn't help him.....even if it is just something small.

Edges usually only make the difference in close fights.

If I fought Tyson then no plan or tips work, but that isn't down to the plan or tips..ltrust me haha
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