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"I'm sure every fighter says the same thing. They all say they're in the best shape of their life....but the training is going absolutely fantastic," says Ricky Hatton, who is finishing his preparations for his December 8 PPV superfight against Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.

"My sparring partners were exceptional. For the five weeks or six weeks I've been sparring now about maybe five, six, seven different sparring partners and it has been great. The training has been great. No injuries, and I've been down on the weight for some time, so me and my food have been better than ever. My strength training with Kerry Kayes has been better than ever. I mean if I could have written down on a piece of paper how I wanted my preparations to go, I'm at the stage I would like to be at this moment. I am just rearing to go. So rest assured, I'm in the best shape of my life, and looking forward to shocking the world."

On Ricky "Fatton":

Floyd has tried to insult me by calling me Ricky Fatton, but what he doesn't realize is I've called myself Ricky Fatton in the first place. I do put on a lot of weight in between my fights, and that's the whole reason I'm putting a Ricky Fatton T-shirt on after the fight because for so many years now fashion critics have turned on me and said, well he's too much weight. He's put too much weight on. I think it was the Kostya Tszyu when I put on about 40 pounds, and then they turned around and said, oh, Ricky Hatton won't last four rounds. He's put on too much weight. And, just things like, I feel like saying, change the record a bit now. You've been going on about this for the last maybe six, seven years, and in that time now I've won four world titles, two weight divisions. Probably one of the longest unbeaten ones in British fighting, and I'm fighting the pound for pound best per fight in the world. So maybe it's time you should stop pointing the finger at my weight because obviously, it's whatever I'm doing it's working for me. It certainly won't work for the reversal, and up to now it's working for me. I always feel the need before I start training to be out of shape. And I need to put loads of weight on and I need a bit of a mountain to climb so I knuckle down to it, well I mean the beauty thing about boxing is training efforts there's no right way or wrong way. Ideally it would be best if I didn't put as much weight on. But that's the way I am. That's what makes me what I am, you know? It's just if it worked hard for it, it worked for me. It might not work for everyone. Floyd doesn't put an ounce on him between his fights, but every fight is different and that's what makes it such a unique sport.

On honesty:

I don't lie about a single thing. People say, do you like to have a drink of alcohol, and I say, yes, yes, of course, I love to. And do you like fat foods, yes. And do you put weight on, yes. And, these people are maybe a little bit more vain, would probably not admit to that, and I do. And I think with what you see with me, you see an honesty in my life, the way I am period.

On the importance of this fight:

I mean being a world champion was obviously the dream of every youngster who starts off boxing, but I've become the best fighter in my weight division when I beat Kostya Tszyu. But to be the best fighter in your weight division in the world is one thing, but to become the best fighter in the world in ANY weight will be the biggest win in British boxing history.

On his weight for this fight:

It would be frivolous to eat anything you want to eat. I mean you can eat as much as you want to eat, but obviously the key is it's got to be good food. There's no point in, if your weight starts and you're going out eating barbeque, spare ribs and chips, I mean that's not going to do you any good. But no, I mean my weight is well on target. I'm on the weight now, so I can increase me diet. The diet's gotten better as the weight's gone down. I mean as the training has intensifies the diet's got better. I'll be in as good a shape [as possible] and I'll probably have more energy because I won't have to deplete my body down to the 140 pound mark. I've got to just get down to 147. So, yes, I mean everything is going perfect.

On his legions of fans:

I have a fantastic following. It spurs me on. It makes me feel proud. I get a huge rush when fight fans turn around and say how much they love me and that I'm the people's champion. They respect me because of all the success that I've had, I haven't changed one little bit. My feet are still firmly on the ground. And I look at myself as no different than the man in the crowd. So that spurs me on I think, it doesn't make me, where the pressure should get on you. It doesn't get on me. The only pressure I have on myself is to myself, needless to say I want my fans, to make my fans and country proud, but I try and use it to me advantage and it is an advantage.

On Mayweather's tough first fight with Jose Luis Castillo:

If I can make a statement without sounding too disrespectful to me old friend Jose Luis Castillo, even Castillo in the first fight against Mayweather, when he was seen to be in his prime, if you narrow it down and say, it was his footwork, was Castillo's footwork as good and as quick as Ricky Hatton's is? Was his body punching as good as Ricky Hatton? Does he move in on his opponent as quickly as Ricky Hatton does? Is he as big a hitter as Ricky Hatton is? Does he have as much boxing ability as Ricky Hatton does? Does he have a better work rate than Ricky Hatton? I would have to say no to all of them. And, as you know, he nearly did it, so I've got huge confidence out of that, I know what I'm up against, I know what his strengths are and I know what his weaknesses are and I know what I think he tries to do in the fight. I think I've got the tools for the job, and that wasn't meant to be disrespectful to Jose Luis Castillo. I mean but I think in every department from footwork to strength to speed to boxing ability to power to work rate, I think even in his prime I think I have it in every department. And when you think Castillo nearly beat Floyd, that's the way I see the fight going.

On Floyd's hand problems:

It's common knowledge that Floyd has bad hands. I'm just wondering from my point of view, I mean on the night if Floyd Mayweather beats Ricky Hatton, which I don't think he will, but if Floyd Mayweather was to beat Ricky Hatton and it was a fair result, I would hold me hands up and say, well I was beaten by the better man. But on the night if I beat Floyd Mayweather and it is, seems to be a very fair result, I hope Floyd Mayweather doesn't blame it on the dancing and doesn't blame it on his hands.

On Mayweather's mindset:

I think he's an insecure person. I think that's why he surrounds himself with five or six bodyguards, and they always seem to be 'yes men.' You know? And he always needs people whispering in his ear 'you're the man, you're number one, you're going to do this, your going to do that.' That's all a sign of insecurity. You don't need anybody whispering in your ear, to tell you you're the best, if you believe that. If you believe you're the best then you don't need anybody reminding you or reassuring you, and that's the way I feel.

I think he's an insecure person and I think he does like to play mind games, but I don't think he does it to try to intimidate you because he's not exactly what you call intimidating looking with his nice suits on and his bling. He doesn't exactly make me want to run away down the street. But I think what he tries to do is get under your skin and annoy you, more annoy you rather than scare you. He must surely know when he sees me and he looks in the mirror and he knows that I'm not scared of him, and he knows that I believe I can win. And he knows I have no fear with him. So I think, especially when we did the promotional tour, I think when he realized what little reaction he got from me, I think that would have affected him more than me. He really does not bother me when he insults me. I don't care what he throws at me. I could not care less, from the bottom of me heart, I couldn't care less.
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